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Donate to Comics for Soldiers

Find out how you can help our overseas troops.

Have you ever wondered what to do with comics when you've run out of room to store them? Have you ever wanted to donate comics to a good cause? There is currently a Comics for Troops drive going. Check out the details below.

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You may know Jason Inman (@Jawiin) as the co-host of DC All Access, DC Comics’ own Youtube Show, but you may not know that he is a veteran. That’s right from 2000-2006, Jason served in the Army and even spent time overseas in Iraq, which is why he’s looking for your help to support the troops overseas!

Jason is looking to send 10,000 comics overseas for the troops to read by Jan 1, and he's teamed up with Comics for Soldiers ( to do that! They want all our soldiers overseas to have something cool and nerdy to read in the new year. Comics new and old are welcome and the only cost to you is shipping! (For example, a USPS medium flat rate box is $12.65 and can fit 55 comic books.)

If you want to participate in the Jawiin Comic Drive, you need to complete these two steps.

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1 - Box and ship the comics to


c/o Jawiin Comic Drive



2 - Send a picture of your comics and the number of books you are donating to

(If you don’t send your number to the email, they will have an inaccurate count and the drive could fail. Let’s get these soldiers some comics for the new year! )

Here’s a video where he explains the full details of his drive

So if you’re looking for the nerdy way to give this holiday season, please support the Jawiin Comic Book Drive! DC Comics has already stepped up and donated 2600 books, so the comic drive is already 25% of the way to their goal of 10,000 comics. Let’s give these soldiers some comics for 2016!