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Does The First Issue Of "Batgirl" Live Up To The Hype?

Babs takes a look at the first issue!

"Batgirl" #1 Reviewed!


If you know me, then you know that Cassandra Cain is a character that is very close to my heart. I'll admit, I had been skeptical when I first heard that DC had planned on giving the title of Batgirl to another character; however, it all makes so much sense. I know there are many people who were probably very upset with the fact that Cassie only physically appeared in the comic book for two panels, but I felt that it was just enough time to really explain why she had given up the cowl. Casandra has never been one on dialogue, nor had she really felt the need to justify her decisions to anyone (except maybe for Bruce, and being that he's gone now...).
Cassandra giving up the cowl makes sense because the sole reason she wore it was to represent and fight for the man who she considered to have saved her, Bruce Wayne. Being that she does not get along with Dick Grayson, and that he is now the man behind the cowl, Cassie can not fight and wear the bat symbol knowing that the identity of Batman has changed. My only fear is that Cassandra will fall under the ranks of DC's expired and untouchable characters, and never to be heard from again. Cassandra is too incredible a character to just fall off the face of the DC Universe and I for one will be very upset to see that happen. Having said that, it was still a good book and it is because of the writing that I really feel it is worth taking a look at.
The book is a chance to give Spoiler a breath of fresh air (she surely needs it). Whether she is a character that deserves her own title is debatable, but a lot of what makes a comic good is the life that a writer breathes into a story; and the breath that Brian Q Miller breathes into Stephanie Brown is certainly worth a look.