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Doctor Who to Film in America for the First Time

The Doctor is coming to America, but more specifically, Utah.

 11th Doctor
11th Doctor
Sure, the Doctor has been to America in previous episodes, but the show has never filmed on location before, until now. BBC recently announced that Doctor who will begin filming on location in Utah mid-November. The scenes filmed in the States will be in a two-part episode.
" Production on episodes one and two of the new season starts in Cardiff this month and Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will then travel to America in mid November to shoot pivotal scenes. They will also be joined by Alex Kingston  who reprises her role as River Song."
It seems that River will be an even bigger part of this season. Steven Moffat, who currently runs and writes the show, is also very excited over the Doctor visiting America, and he thinks American audiences will be as well: "The  Doctor has visited every weird and wonderful planet you can imagine, so he was bound get round to America eventually!  And of course every  Doctor  Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he’s been in America before.  But not for real, not on location - and not with a story like this one!" 
It's true. Although, over the decades the show has been on the air, the Doctor and crew have visited America many times; however, the show was never actually shot on location. The Doctor Who crew will be traveling to Utah to film the episode which takes place during the 1960s in an adventure that starts in Utah, but ends up in the Oval Office. 
Executive Producer of the show, and Head of Drama BBC Wales, Piers Wenger seems positive about this upcoming season and its episodes: "Steven's scripts generally inspire us to go that extra mile - this time we're going that extra four thousand. Thanks to our friends at BBC AMERICA and to the continuing ambition of our lead writer and production team, the first two episodes of Matt Smith's second season as the  Doctor are going global and look set to become  Doctor Who's most action-packed and ambitious season opener yet."
Season 5 was a great deal of fun, and it looks as though this season will definitely raise the bar. Last season will be available on DVD & Blu-ray on November 9th. And if you're still clamoring for more of the Doctor, The Coventry Telegraph recently reported that Matt Smith will appear as the Doctor in two episodes on The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC, October 25 & 26. (BBC 1 on October 27 and 28) The episodes will team up former Doctor companions Sarah Jane and Jo Grant for the first time, as The Doctor is declared dead and the two women must solve the mystery surrounding them. This story is written by ex-Doctor Who writer Russel T Davies.