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Doctor Who Showrunner Replaced After Season 10

The longtime Doctor Who writer and exectutive producer to step down after season ten.

Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, will be stepping down as the writer and executive producer after season 10. Revealed by the official Doctor Who twitter account, Chris Chibnall will be taking his place.

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Moffat is the second showrunner in the show's history, since the series revamp in 2005, taking over for Russell T Davies. According to RadioTimes, season 10 of the show will not air until spring 2017, where Moffat's final 12-part season will air. Chibnall's debut will not happen until sometime in 2018.

Only one episode of the acclaimed science-fiction series will air in 2016 and that will be the Christmas episode. It is unclear if the current Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, will have a new companion. Actress Jenna Coleman wrapped up her final season as Clara Oswald last season and there's been no news yet on who will be playing the Doctor's partner-in-time.

New showrunner, Chibnall, is no stranger to the "Whoniverse," having written numerous episodes of Doctor Who and the Captain Jack Harkness spin-off series, Torchwood. In addition, Chibnall was a writer and producer on Broadchurch, which starred Who alum, David Tennant.

Doctor Who returns to television for the annual Christmas episode this December and Moffat's final season will air in 2017, with Chibnall taking over the following year.