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Doctor Who Season 6 Teaser Spoilers

But what do they really mean? Let's break down a few of them.

Blastr got a hold of a few pages from the upcoming book The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who, which will be in stores today in the UK, and will arrive in the United States on October 19th. The big deal about these pictures is that there are hints and clues to the upcoming season to Doctor Who. Let's break a few of these puppies down.

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The Doctor Will Be On Trial - Twice!: First thing that comes to mind is the Colin Baker story line, the Trial of a Time Lord, where a character named The Valeyard puts the Doctor (Colin Baker) on trial for interfering with other civilizations. If you haven't seen this story line and don't want a spoiler, stop reading this section now. It turns out The Valeyard is actually the Doctor from the future, a much darker Doctor might I add, and his plan is to steal Colin Baker's remaining regenerations for himself. Now, being that this is the 11th Doctor, and he has another regeneration in him, this may not be the case, but when I see the words "doctor," "trial," and "twice" pop up in the same sentence, this is the first thing that pops into my head. Maybe the 11th Doctor will be a part of this trial. And although this storyline takes place on Gallifrey, which is no longer around, maybe they'll find a way to bring it back?
Scared of the Eye in Space? You Should Be: If you remember last season, there was that creepy floating eye that guarded the prison in space. A creature came through the crack in Amy Pond's wall, form that prison, and the Doctor has to deal with the creepy floating eye. Could this be the floating eye they are referring to? I hope so. Is it a greater threat than we once thought?
4 August 1982 - Happy Birthday, Ma'am: Yes, I looked the date up on the internet. Dates are always important in the Doctor Who Universe. On this day, these small events happened in the real world: American architect, Bruce Goff died, Artist David Mach turned books into sculptures, James Malone Rentschler was nominated to be the U.S. Ambassador to Malta, and President Reagan signed an order to do something with motor vehicles. I'm pretty sure none of these have anything to do with this line. It's probably someone's date of birth, but who? My money is on either Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, or Donna "I'm horribly annoying" Noble. My money is on squarely on Martha or Rose.
== TEASER ==
Some Lies Are Too Much for Psychic Paper: It's happened before. The Doctor, or his companion, shows someone the psychic paper, and they see right through it. This time, it could be the whole plot of an episode. But what it the lie? 
I Won't Take Calls From THAT Prime Minister: Margaret Thatcher... It's the same guess as Blastr, since Winston Churchill and The Doctor seemingly have a healthish relationship between each other, and Margaret Thatcher is the second most famous P.M. My other guess is that it's Sir Anthony Eden, who followed Churchill's second term. He invaded Egypt. I don't know much about the guy, other than what I read, but he seems a tad scummy. See? Now you got a minor history lesson.
How Could a Gallifreyan Stoop So Low?: There's quite a few unaccounted for Time Lords. Sure, the Doctor says his people all died in the Time War, but the Master came back? Could it be the Master? What ever happened to War Chief? (No, I don't believe the War Chief is an early incarnation of the Master) I place all my bets on Susan Foreman, the Doctor's grand-daughter from the first season of the show. She disappeared during the first season, and has only been mentioned a few times since then, including in the third season of the current series.

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Margaret! Come Back!: This is why I think "THAT Prime Minister" is Margaret Thatcher. I still can't figure out why the Doctor won't take calls from her though.
Susannah's Still Alive: Susan Foreman. Boosh. She hasn't been seen in so long, and the Doctor doesn't know for sure if she's fully dead. So many of us want more Time Lords in the show, and she is the perfect one to bring in. She'd make a great companion too!
The Doctor Will Get Married - Twice!: Does this tie-in with the two trials? Who is he marrying? I'm going to throw out Rose Tyler as one, and he ends up at Amy Pond's wedding, or did her wedding already happen? Sadly, I doubt Rose is coming back. This is just a shot in the dark.
Beware of the Kites: I've always wanted to write or say that. I have a feeling that this will be pretty funny. Killer kites! At least, I hope so.
They'll Have to Get a New Name for Thanksgiving: I don't know if the English have a Thanksgiving. Americans and Canadians do though. Chances are, the Doctor is going back to American Thanksgiving and finds out there's some twisted alien plot involved. I love that idea, if it really is an idea.
Pay Attention - It's Not Really Her: Three women have been repeatedly mentioned thus far in this little run down: Rose Tyler, Margaret Thatcher, and Susan Foreman. Now, that doesn't mean for sure they're in the series, but if they are, that could mean someone, or something, is posing as them. Please don't let it be Susan Foreman. I've been waiting for her return!
There's a few of the lines broken down. I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan new and old, and like many of you, I can't wait until the new season starts, especially if the episodes tie-in to the old series. After reviewing all of these, is there anything you think I missed (I know I did, but you guys can have some fun too)? What do you think is going to happen?
~Mat "InferiorEgo" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, comic store employee, and the 3rd Doctor.