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Doctor Doom Takes No Prisoners in SECRET WARS #4

Things are heating up. Are we seeing seeds being planted for the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe?

We are now half way through Secret Wars. Issue #4 is out and we're really seeing some developments in the story and consequences for some characters. With the creation of Battleworld, the inhabitants in their domains believe this is the world that's always been. They worship the god and creator, regardless whether or not they agree with his methods and ruling.

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There are some major happenings in this issue. There will be some spoilers if you haven't read SECRET WARS #4 yet.

Doctor Doom is the one that created Battleworld and managed to save its inhabitants when the final Incursion occurred. This is explained and revealed to the group of survivors from "before." What has happened is a shock to them.

Doom soon becomes aware that Reed Richards, his Reed Richards, is among these survivors. Doom has apparently spent years looking within each domain or kingdom for this Reed and he can't resist going to where the action has suddenly broken out against some villainous survivors from "before."

It's starting to look like a showdown between Doom and Richards in a grand Fantastic Four style.

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Even though Reed has been informed of what has happened and what Doom's been able to do, there's still a lot he doesn't know, like the fact that his daughter, Valeria, is by Doom's side as the Head of the Foundation and Sue is the Royal Consort.

Before they can really get into it, Cyclops, now possessing the Phoenix Force once again, stands up and attacks Doom. He believes as a mutant, he is more than Doom. He believes he represents the future and the planet is theirs. Doom doesn't quite agree.

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Doom is in control here. Scott Summers may have the Phoenix Force but we're about to discover that it isn't quite enough.

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Doom doesn't mess around.

The question that is raised is what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? With the nature of the story and all this cosmic power and alternate realities, it's possible for this not to be the end of Scott. What we should keep in mind is this story/event is meant to pave the road leading to the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" Universe. This is why Miles Morales will be in the regular universe rather than the Ultimate Universe. Could Scott's death here be the reason he was not seen in a single promo image for the forty-five new titles announced this week?

This also leads us to to wonder, what about Reed and Sue as well? Will we see a final showdown between Doom and Richards? Perhaps Sue will get caught in the crossfire? The Human Torch will be in UNCANNY INHUMANS and the Thing will be in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. We could be reading too much into this but you can start to see where this could possibly be headed through the haze of confusion and mystery Jonathan Hickman excels at giving us.

Let us know what you thought of this issue. Let us know what you think about our Cyclops and Reed theory as well. And be sure to steer clear of Doctor Doom if you happen to come across him.