Disney Infinity 2.0 Wave 2 Unboxing

We open up the entire second wave of figures and discs to get a close look at the designs and sculpts before checking out the gameplay.

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Disney Infinity 2.0 Wave 2 Impressions

There's eight more figures to play with. We test them out to see which ones will be our new favorites.

Have you been playing Disney Infinity 2.0? With Marvel Super Heroes being added, it's been great fun for comic fans. Of course, not everyone is interested in the heroes. With the second wave, now available, there are eight more figures, along with new power discs, to add to and mix up the gameplay.

You can now play as Baymax, Hiro, Donald Duck, Stitch, Maleficent, Merida, Aladdin, and Tinkerbell. Check out our unboxing video up above, if you haven't already.

There is a new starter pack available for those that haven't purchased the Avengers starter pack. You get Merida and Stitch along with two Toy Box Game Discs - “Stitch’s Tropical Rescue” and “Brave Forest Siege.”

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The two figures are available separately and the game discs should be later as well.

Not having the game discs since I have the Avengers starter pack, I did dive into the Toy Box to try the figures out. In the Tutorial section, you have a world where you can explore and do different things. It's a great area to just wander around, race around the track, or fight some bad guys to collect the "sparks" that allow you to build up you character's abilities. Then I decided, in the Toy Box, to try one of the user/community games. People can make and submit their own levels. The one I picked was based off Haunted Mansion and you had to find a mansion in a bayou and fight bad guys and collect orbs. There was a plot to the game in finding and freeing missing children. It was a little weird fighting Venom Symbiotes or Frost Giants but it allowed a different level for gameplay and the chance to test the characters out.


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After you watch Big Hero 6, you'll want to get Baymax.

My first thought was he'd be similar to Iron Man. He is a character that can fly and is armored. He also has some strength which gives a little more oomph to his punches. Instead of firing repulsor blasts, his fist flies out at the target and then returns to his arm. This is pretty cool looking and does offer some variation over Iron Man. It does make his attacks a little slower though.

As with the other characters, you can build up his ability with experience points. You can get other abilities and even fire both hands. Other options instead of just building up his fighting is his speed. His size does make him a little slower when walking or running.

Characters that can fly always have an advantage. His flying is, again, similar to Iron Man (and Nova). He's a pretty fun character. I didn't play too much with him and would've like to hear more dialogue from him. Then again, maybe I just needed to use him more.


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The second figure from Big Hero 6 is Hiro.

Hiro has a nice design to him. If you're familiar with the character from the comics or movie, you know he doesn't really have super-powers. He is an extremely smart kid and designed some robots. Nanobots to be more specific.

Hiro's attacks consist of a wave of nanobots attack the target. In some instances, it's like a wave shooting forth. His longer range attack allows some giant construct-type shapes to be made to smash the enemies. The animation of the attacks is pretty cool.

This is another character you'll want to level up soon. At first, he didn't overly capture my interest. I loved him in the movie and his attacks are cool but you'll want to see what else he can do.

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The nice thing is being able to use both characters in two-player mode if you want. Or you always have the option (in the Toy Box) to mix and match and create your own crossovers. You can pretend the movie Big Hero 6 characters actually exist in the Marvel Universe!


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This was a character I was super-excited for. As you're likely aware, I have a daughter and we play Infinity together. She tends to play as Spider-Man first because she digs his web-slinging and wall-crawling abilities. (She also plays as Elsa from Frozen in the Toy Box). But the fact is, there were only two female characters in the first wave for 2.0.

If you've seen Brave, you know she isn't your typical Disney Princess. The bow and arrow make you think she'll play like Hawkeye. In some ways, yes. She can use her quiver as a weapon for close combat. You can also upgrade her abilities to make her do some extremely fancy arrow shooting. It doesn't hurt when you can add a little magic to your abilities.

Another joy of Merida is hearing her Scottish accent. Disney Interactive has done a great job with the voice actors for all the figures. I believe, in most cases, they got a lot of the actual voice actors to reprise their roles.

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This is also a figure you'll admire the sculpt. I ended up playing with her a lot because of her fighting abilities. She can definitely hold her own.


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Can you resist buying and playing as Stitch? This was a character my daughter was really looking forward to.

If you've seen any of the movies, you know what Stitch sounds like and probably have an idea what he can do. His default weapon is a blaster. You can level him up and get dual blasters. Amping up his super-moves even allows for his extra arms to come out.

Stitch is also a pretty fast character. Because of his smaller size, he can also zip around. But that doesn't mean the bad guys will have any problem smashing him if you get in their way.

Stitch also has the ability to crawl on walls. He almost looks like a little spider scrambling around all over the place. He's definitely a fun character to play with.

Donald Duck

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When I first heard Donald was going to be a character, I was on the fence. Donald is a great character and all but you have to admit he has a bit of an attitude problem. Once you see him in the game, you'll fall in love.

Because he's (obviously) a duck, he waddles on the screen. It's amazingly cute watching his little behind move back and forth. Hearing him talk is great. It's not as annoying as the one friend you have that tries doing a Donald impression at parties or get togethers. Seeing him here is a reason to make you happy this is a Disney game.

You're probably thinking because he's a cartoon duck, he's not going to be much use in the game. He's actually a pretty good fighter. He uses that anger he has to his advantage. His long range attacks include throwing a series or random objects at his foes. This includes a shoe, a flower vase, a watermelon, and other objects. It's pretty great. He even does a butt-bounce on his opponents.


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I never got a chance to see the movie in theaters. I'm used to thinking of her as a villain but I know she sort of isn't. There's a nice bit of elegance to the figure. I didn't think I'd care too much about using her but she turned out to be a really cool character.

Actually, at first, I wasn't overly impressed. One thing you'll want to do right away is level her up so she can fly. Once she gets them, her wings look nice.

Then there's her attacks. When she uses her staff, there's a big wisp of green magic flowing. The more powerful the attacks, the more green. It's a nice sight to see. She has some interesting super-moves you'll want to check out. I ended up using her more than I intended as well when I first gave the all a spin.

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She was another character I was on the fence with but the more you add to her abilities, the more powerful and useful she becomes.


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Aladdin was a character I didn't realize was coming out right now. I knew he would be eventually and it makes sense since he's seen in the opening and there's Agrabah section attached to your city in the Tutorial section. (There is also a Jasmine figure coming next year).

I didn't try out Aladdin too much in my first sessions. He does have a good balance to him. He fights with a sword and his long range attack allows him to throw it with it immediately returning.

Because he's Aladdin, you can imagine what his leveled up abilities can do. He's a good fighter off the bat without needed to be powered up but if you're going to play as Aladdin, you'll want to take advantage of any extra abilities he might have at his disposal.

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He's a character I'll have to explore more to really get a good feel for.


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Ah, Tink. As I mentioned in the video, Tinkerbell was never my favorite character. It could do with the attitude she had in Peter Pan.

I realized this morning that I hadn't really played very much as Tink last night. It wasn't really intentional. I just got sucked in with the other characters.

Tinkerbell does stand out from the other characters. She does this little skip/prance thing when she walks around. Flying feels easy for her. But you'll want to power her up to make her go faster. It does seem she should be smaller. One of her special moves does allow her to shrink during an attack and zip around. Using her wand gives some interesting variety in how she attacks. At times she'll cause the villains to levitate helplessly which is pretty amusing.

The more I played with her, the more I started thinking she wasn't so bad.

New Power Discs

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There's another forty discs for you to try to get. They come two per pack. You can see the full list HERE.

Who are you going to play as?

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I love the variety in the figures/characters. I thought I'd only want to focus on the Marvel characters but these new additions definitely are going to give them a run for their money. Yes there is the cost factor of buying each figure but you don't have to buy them all in order to fully enjoy the game. With new content being created, there's plenty of gameplay and you can even design your own levels.

It's a fun game. You'll find yourself sucked in and playing longer than you intend. It's a perfect game to play to with younger family members or just anyone that loves these characters. I look forward to jumping back in and leveling them up even further.