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Did an Amazon Seller Spoil 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens?'

A new product on the site gives away something about a new character.

With a new Star Wars movie comes a whole bunch of new Star Wars merchandise. The movie is a month away from release and we're seeing a ton of new products, but did one of the products released just give away a MAJOR character spoiler?

Warning: There are possible spoilers ahead revolving around one of the characters in the film.

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There was a new puzzle released on Amazon (via ComicBook) which may give away too much information about the product. We don't know much about a couple of these new characters, like their last names, but this puzzle claims something pretty huge.

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Finn is Lando's son? Well, there's no way to know for sure and this is something speculated by fans.

However, this product was made by Disney Films Ltd, but not actually sold by them. DZ Market Place is actually selling this product and they made the title description. DZ sells many things like turkey pop up timers, scar gel, and lip gloss featuring the cast of Frozen.

DZ Market Place sells random things and has no real insight on who these characters are. It's hard to tell who actually created the listing, since clicking on "Disney Lucas Films Ltd" brings you no where. It seems like it's just someone trying to get a bit of attention to a product and jacking up the price.

In fact, you can get the same puzzle for almost half the price on Amazon, here.

The idea that Finn is the son of Lando is a really cool concept and thought, but at this point, that's all it is.