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Dick Grayson's Post-FOREVER EVIL Fate Has Been Revealed

You might not believe this one.

We've all been wondering what will happen to Dick Grayson after FOREVER EVIL. In the first issue, his identity was publicly revealed. That doesn't leave too many options for a masked vigilante. Most of the speculation was that he would die or have his death faked in order to continue operating under a different guise.

While there have been some delays, Dick Grayson's fate has now been revealed.

USA Today has reported that Dick Grayson will become...a super-spy.

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The new titles will be called GRAYSON. It will be written by Tim Seeley and Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer. Dick Grayson will have to pretend he's dead, even to his loved ones such as Batgirl (which we saw Barbara mention in last week's BATGIRL). He will be joining the spy agency Spyral, seen in BATMAN INCORPORATED.

Dick will get a new look courtesy of Mikel Janin. No more mask. He'll have a "G" on his chest as a call back to the "R" from his days as Robin.

The first issue will be on sale July 2.