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Devil's Due Publishing Recruits Remender For "The Corps"

Get ready for The Corps, by the way, there's also a couple guys in this picture
Get ready for The Corps, by the way, there's also a couple guys in this picture

I'm all for new stuff.  I love Marvel and DC's stuff but I have to admit I am getting a little tired of all the "event" comics.  What happened to the days you could pick up an issue or series without it being tied into some huge monstrous story arc?  I enjoy them as much as the next person but I'd like to see something more self contained from time to time.

And as much as I enjoy the superhero comics, it's also nice to read something non-superpowered.  I like the idea of an action-adventure without the budget restraints of Hollywood.  I think this is worth checking out.

'Fear Agent' writer to launch new military action/thriller series based on characters from Lanard

Devil's Due will bring on one of comics' strongest action writers this Fall for a brand new high-octane military and espionage series based on one of the toy industry's longest running action figure lines. Launching in October, DDP will present the brand new ongoing series The Corps! written by Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Wolverine: Dangerous Games).

"The Corps! will be a high tension, high stakes, shotgun blast of adventure set all over the world," says Remender. "The Corps! is a merging of the intrigue of Mission: Impossible, the ugly wartime realism of Band of Brothers and the high adventure of a 007 film."

The Corps! will build on characters already established in Lanard Toys' two-decade old line of action figures and vehicles that has included more than 50 releases. For the first time in the history of The Corps! DDP will construct a gigantic universe built from the kind of explosive plot-twisting surprises that Remender is known for.

"The series will take place from the frozen planes of the Arctic, to the unexplored depths of the Atlantic, to the treacherous slums of Brazil and as far as the cold vacuum of space," Remender teases.

More news and information will be available about The Corps! from DDP this July at San Diego Comic-Con.