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DETECTIVE COMICS #27 the Most Expensive Comic Ever

Wait... wasn't it just ACTION COMICS #1?

DETECTIVE COMICS #27 is the most expensive comic in the world.

 10 cents to more than a million dollars. Now, THAT'S inflation.
 10 cents to more than a million dollars. Now, THAT'S inflation.

Wait… what? You’re confused? Isn’t ACTION COMICS #1 the most expensive comic in the world?  

PSSSSST… that’s old news, man.   Two-day old news…

So let’s get this straight for everybody. On Tuesday, we reported that Superman’s first appearance set a new record by selling for a cool million. Today - - that is, Thursday - - we’re reporting that Batman’s first appearance has upped that selling price by a good $75,500 ( thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up). That’s right -- before this, no other comic sold for more than $1,000,000 and that records been broken in the space of two days.

I can’t help but be reminded of when Barry Bonds broke the home run record a few years back. It took more than three decades for Mark McGuire to break the Roger Marris’ record, and then only three years for Bonds to break his. Something was fishy, and the admission of both players’ steroid use was the big red snapper everybody was smelling. Now, I suppose you can attribute the price records here to the inflation of the US dollar… it would be ludicrous to ascribe it to steroid usage, on either the part of the sellers or the buyers… but, I don’t know... the world is ruled by chaos… steroids just might be to blame for this, as well.

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