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Deathstroke's Best Covers

Prepare your eyes for some awesome covers!

The time has come to appreciate some of our latest Character of the Month's best covers! Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, has been appearing in the pages of DC's comics since 1980. His popularity has received some major boosts over the years, so obviously, he's appeared on a whole lot of covers! There are plenty of good ones to choose from and we've decided to highlight 13 of them. Now, let's go enjoy some covers!


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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very first appearance of the Terminator and the beginning of his conflict with the Teen Titans. Even though the lethal character appears on the issue's very first page, George Perez's cover does a solid job teasing the new villain and the image offers a great serving of foreshadowing, too. Deathstroke may be lurking in the shadows, but this is easily one of the most memorable covers for fans of dangerous mercenary.


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Many were thrilled when DC announced Deathstroke would have an ongoing series in the New 52. Excitement then shot through the roof when we got a look at the first issue's cover. The chapter's called "Back to the Basics" and, for Slade Wilson, that means being one of the deadliest mercenaries on DC's Earth. Simon Bisley's artwork showcases this perfectly while impressing us with the character's new costume, as well. It's every bit as intense and fierce as a Deathstroke cover should be.


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Deathstroke's appearances in TEEN TITANS generated plenty of interest in the deadly soldier, so DC decided to give him the spotlight in 1991. Wilson's series ran for 61 issues (plus 4 annuals) and made its debut with this memorable cover. Mike Zeck has the Terminator striking a pose which says basically everything you need to know about him: he's heavily armed, quite confident, and isn't someone you'd ever want to bump into.


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Phil Noto's cover for 2002's BIRDS OF PREY #45 is terrific. Firstly, it just oozes such a cool vibe as it displays Slade in motion and has him take aim at the reader. Secondly, it illustrates just how intimidating this guy can be. One second he's not looking at you and the next you're right in his sights. The Teen Titans are well aware of just how fast Slade is, but Noto's cover allows us to appreciate his fluid movements and accuracy. You can't help but love the vibrant coloring, too.


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Don't worry, we'll talk about this one without dropping any bad pirate jokes! The Flashpoint universe is a dark and twisted place and the Deathstroke we've come to know is a violent fellow. This cover reveals just how bleak and graphic this alternate world can be. Joe Bennett's cover shows off Slade's new design while also revealing that yes, he's still one of the deadliest dudes around in this timeline.


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Deathstroke is known for being one of the most skilled mercenaries on the planet and there are plenty of fights where he shows just how talented he truly is. However, none are quite as jaw-dropping as his battle in IDENTITY CRISIS #3. With this cover, Michael Turner drives home the point that Wilson will always stand tall and possibly even triumph over his enemies -- even when they consist of someone with super-speed, a Power Ring, and much more. He's just that good and Turner's cover does a perfect job proving that.

DEATHSTROKE #15 (2011)

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Scott Clark's cover for DEATHSTROKE #15 is phenomenal. This single image alone can help you understand why he was originally called "the Terminator." There's a lot of great covers on this list, but none make him quite as fearsome as this one does. It may be a simple pose, but it's presented flawlessly and is without question one of the most intimidating images of Deathstroke you'll ever see.


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Deathstroke and Cassandra Cain are incredibly gifted combatants and, luckily for us, we've seen them duke it out a few times. Dave Johnson's cover for NIGHTWING #81 is able to capture just how skilled and graceful these two are as they're locked in a battle. It's but a glimpse of the fight between these two and leaves you anxious to see how the rest will play out.


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Deathstroke is a character that strikes fear into many, but that doesn't mean he can't be adorable, too! With the cover for TINY TITANS #12, Art Baltazar gives us a totally different look at Slade Wilson. The mercenary may appear unamused as he and Trigon banter back and forth, but he still manages to look so darn cute! That said, having Wilson as a Principal is a pretty frightening thought, isn't it?


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Even when great characters like Black Adam and Lex Luthor grace a cover, Slade Wilson manages to jump in and steal the spotlight. Gail Simone's VILLAINS UNITED is a thoroughly fun read and J.G. Jones' cover is a real attention-grabber. Sure, it's yet another cover of a group striking a pose, but it's just so cool as these individuals stand tall and the cloudy sky compliments the villainous team quite well.


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Some may think Scott McDaniel's cover for GREEN ARROW #61 is misleading because Deathstroke doesn't appear until the issue's cliffhanger. However, it's that very reason which makes this image so fitting! This cover is loaded with suspense as we witness a standoff between Slade and Green Arrow. We have no idea what'll happen next and that, readers, is the exact same note the issue leaves us on! This cover does a really great job teasing the big conflict that's about to develop between these two.


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Every Deathstroke fan needs to read The Judas Contract and this issue's an important one. This third chapter finally tells Wilson's origin story and so much more. It's all about explaining to us who Deathstroke is, revealing more of his family, and what this means means for the people around him. George Perez's cover perfectly illustrates everything this issue addresses. With this many characters slapped on the cover, it had the potential to become an overcrowded mess. Instead, they're wisely boxed into their appropriate groups and the fact they surround Slade is a fitting design. Added bonus: this is also the first appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing!


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It was recently announced that Tony Daniel would be the man behind a new Deathstroke series and the news included this glorious picture (which will likely be the cover for the first issue). Only one word comes to mind while looking at Daniel's image: badass. Everything from the damaged armor to the heavy shading to the vivid lightning is magnificent. This was an excellent way to announce the new volume and it definitely has many of us excited.

What's your favorite Deathstroke cover? Don't be shy, share it with us below! Be sure to keep checking the homepage throughout July for more Slade Wilson articles!