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Deathstroke the Terminator, One of the Most Ruthless Villains in the DC Universe

He may not have the infamy of other DC villains but he can definitely kick major butt. Soon you will be able to kick butt with him.

If you asked a comic book reader to name some top DC villains, most would likely go with Joker, Lex Luthor or even Darkseid. DC has many colorful and vicious villains but there is one that often goes unnoticed and has proven capable of giving the entire Justice League of America a run for their money

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Deathstroke the Terminator is not someone you'd want to have as your enemy. He may be best known as a villain of the Teen Titans but that is no reason to sell him short. Being an assassin and mercenary is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what sets him apart from others.

At a young age, Slade Wilson volunteered in a medical experiment meant to create super-soldiers. His body didn't react well to the experiment at first but the results were gaining enhances senses and reflexes far beyond those of an ordinary man. Other results from the experimentation included higher brain capacity, his stamina and coordination have been enhanced and he is able to think and perceive things nine times faster than the average man. Deathstroke also is said to have the strength of ten men.

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Setting himself up in the costumed persona of Deathstroke, he became the greatest mercenary in the world as well as perhaps the most brilliant tactician due to his enhanced senses and brain.

Deathstroke has fought against many of the costumed heroes in the DC Universe. He may be a mercenary willing to kill for money but he does have a level of ethics as well. There has even been times he's fought alongside some of the heroes.

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It was in in 2004's IDENTITY CRISIS #3 where Deathstroke fought against the entire Justice League. Paid to be Doctor Light's bodyguard, the League believed Light guilty of the murder of someone close to them. He immediately took out Elongated Man, set off charges to act as decorys, was able to predict where the Flash would attack him and stabbed him with his sword, poked Zatanna in the liver to cause her to vomit so she couldn't use her backwards magic spells, dodged Hawkman's attack and cut off his flying harness, blocked Green Arrow's...arrow and cut the ends off the rest of the arrows in his quiver, put a bag over Black Canary's head so she couldn't use her sonic scream (and handcuffed her as well), predicted where Atom was and took him out with a laser pointer and broke all four of Green Lantern's fingers before he could use his power ring on him.

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It took Green Arrow shoving an arrow in his empty eye socket and the rest of the team to attempt to subdue him. If this battle doesn't prove what a great adversary and fighter Deathstroke is, I don't know what else would.

With the relaunch of the DC Universe in the New 52, it's possible Deathstroke's abilities have been increased to an even higher level. He's taken to wearing a type of armored suite as well that may have augmented his strength even more (seems just about everyone in the New 52 is wearing some sort of armor instead of spandex).

In DEASTHSTROKE #5, his opponent picks up an actual submarine...and throws it on him!

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Deathstroke obviously managed to survive.

Now imagine Deathstroke in a fighting game. It turns out it was just exclusively announced over at GameSpot that Deathstroke will be a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Check out the gameplay video:

Deathstroke is not a character to turn your back on. He is a great character and is a worthy opponent for even the best heroes in the DC Universe.

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Posted By ULTRAstarkiller

Love it.

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Posted By crusader8463

@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

@crusader8463 said:

@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

My only complaint? The fact most of these super-moves would KILL most of the other characters straight away!!!! But hey, it's a mindless action game, I can live with it.

Actually it's a fighting game not an action game.

Tomato tomawto,

More like Tomato orange. They are two different genres. It's like saying a FPS is just like an RTS or puzzle game. Or that a comic book is just a slow movie.

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Posted By Cancer the Conqueror

I don't know if Identity Crisis is the best example of Slade's bravado, not that it's lame, but just more of an example of fan worship. Deathstroke is the world's best tactical thinker, working every muscle and brain fiber in his being in not olny holding his ground among metahumans, but repeatedly besting them. In Identity Crisis, Deathstroke barely moved a muscle and took down eight superheroes standing in place, yet lost his shit when he was stabbed in a dead eye. Deathstroke is more of a Xanatos than a Luthor, and that's what makes him so awesome. If they do ever make a Teen Titans movie, while I'm sure Steven Lang can keep his cool, I agree with the idea of Daniel Craig as Wilson, since the biggest complaint against him as a Bond--a lack of swagger form others like Brosnan or Connery--would work brilliantly in this character.

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Posted By amazing_webhead

Makes the version from the Teen Titans cartoon look like a Doctor Doom knockoff

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Posted By DocFishstick

really good read

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Posted By CrimsonAlchemist

@RayBlasterG: Well said I don't get all the Rob Liefeld hate the only crime he is guilty of is bad art. If people don't like him just for that they should get at Romita Jr as well but very few people complain about him compared to Liefeld.

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Posted By CrimsonAlchemist

The ultimate badass

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Posted By Skunkstein

@Ravager4 said:

@Skunkstein: You mean Slade?

Yes, sarcasm isnt the clearest thing in a written comment, lol.

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Edited By Jackyvoe

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought who thought that Identity Crisis fight scene was a load of nonsense that SHOULD NOT be celebrated. Deathstroke is a great character, but Meltzer had such a huge fanboy crush on him, that he made the Justice League members idiots just so Deathstroke would look good. When he fought the Teen Titans, he was shown constantly moving around and employing different techniques against them, and the Titans still gave him hell. There is nothing cool about watching him stand in one spot and take out the likes of Hawkman and Black Canary like they're weaklings. That fight could have been something grand, but instead it was fanboy favoritism.

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Posted By huser

Still, as much as I love Deathstroke, that Justice League fight was just them getting hit with the stupid button. Especially the nod to it being like fighting Bruce, cause Batman of all characters needs the positive press. I get it. You let the nominally "normal" humans humble the gods, but Wally...the guy that woke up and escaped his house AS it was blowing up, and who got shot by a sniper from behind and realized it as the bullet touched him and responded to it without harm is not getting surprised by a sword to the gut. Monofilament wire he can't see? Possibly.

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Posted By JamDamage

@longbowhunter: I fell in love with him in the Teen Titans show also. For one, I hate pirate boots and he didn't have them in the show. 2nd, Ron Perlman did the voice, and Ron does great voices. His fight scenes with the staff were great too.

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Posted By colonyofcells

Batman is no match for either Deathstroke or Midnighter. I don't believe Batman can beat Lady Shiva.

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

Batman vs Deathstroke on the New 52 DC. Do a real one now!!!

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Posted By huser

Ah Deathstroke, introduced back when Batman was still allowed to be handily defeated without it being a temporary thing in a summer event.

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Posted By Darkmount1

If he had been on Justice League Unlimited, I would've cast Michael Pare to voice him.

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Edited By RayBlasterG

Deathstroke has always been a personal favorite of mine. Ever since his first appearance in New Teen titans. Part of the Deathstroke thing is that he's an incredibly powerful badass; that's how he's able to take on hordes of heroes and villains alike. Depends on his depiction, but Slade tends to operate in shades of grey. Not quite a bad guy, not quite good. Which I find very refreshing. Also, I see people complaining about Liefeld's run(the only crime done was to lobo), no offense, some of you fans aren't credible. You're the same type of people who read bland superman stories for years, probably complained when Wolverine took over the x-titles, and all the Batman comics out now. In other words, your opinions don't matter. You can feel entitled to them, but at the end of the day, the Deathstroke comics are on sale, so he must be doing something right. Save us all the time and go lobby for more Wonderwoman comics, the amazing ass turd, and other people the rest of the world doesn't care about.

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Posted By colonyofcells

I don't agree that Deathstroke is a villain and I view Deathstroke as somebody who is working very hard to make ends meet in these times of high unemployment in America.

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Deathstroke is bad@$$ personified in the DCU and to have him as a playable character in this upcoming game is the best blessing of all.

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Posted By TheRobin

Deathstroke and Batman working together would be unstoppable.

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Posted By DeathpooltheT1000

@JonSmith: It looks like it.

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Posted By Miss_Garrick

A guy so tough, that he had a SUBMARINE thrown at him and he survived?!?

BAD!!!! ASS!!!!

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Posted By Munsu

@wessaari said:

@Munsu: well he is one of GA's greatest adversaries. The show has barely featured Deathtroke, and he has fough Ollie through most of his career, as well as fighting the Titans.

I don't know about one of his greatest adversaries. He has a much larger history with Roy than GA really.

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Posted By jobbernos

deathstroke is the definition of badass

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Posted By Lanternrag

Awesome article, Deathstroke rules!

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Posted By capfan80

I think they did the right thing trying to amp his stats up in new 52. He is a great villain but with his previous abilities it did seem to make some of his feats seem a bit contrived. The aforementioned Identity Crisis is the best example. How did it take Zatana so long to say one word? Why did Green Lantern try to punch him instead of using a construct? I think he makes a better villain against guys like Batman.

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Posted By RoTheKid

Thanks for this article, Tony! While I knew Slade from the Teen Titans cartoon, I didn't really know that much about him! This article really helped! Can't wait to see how he plays in Injustice and see his cameo in Young Justice! :D

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Posted By Twentyfive

@jinxuandi: LOL. I like your sense of humor! That was hilarious.

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Posted By Mask of Tengu

He is cool in DC Universe online as well

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Posted By Vaeternus

@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

My only complaint? The fact most of these super-moves would KILL most of the other characters straight away!!!! But hey, it's a mindless action game, I can live with it.

It's a video game dude, fiction lol like comics. I mean most of the moves people do in comics would kill someone lol. BTW, it's a fighting game, not action ;)

This game is going to own!!

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Posted By JonSmith

@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

No Caption Provided

Is that a a theoretical sketch of what Robin from the Teen Titans animated show would look like if he'd continued to be trained by Slade/Deathstroke?

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Posted By Sorceror_Swift

Deathstroke....You rock dude. You just rock.

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Posted By jinxuandi

@Twentyfive said:

Shame he fell victim to Liefeld's disease. It will take some time for me to take interest in this character. Maybe when the contamination is 100% clear, and his comic is actually good.

Are you suffering from any or all of the following symptoms?

-shrunken or amputated feet

-inflated chest area

-floating randomly in mid-air

-dialogue that makes little or no sense

-pouches that you can't explain

If so, you may be suffering from Liefeld's disease. While there is no known cure for Liefeld's disease, the offices of Johns, Waid and Brubaker may be able to help ameliorate the damage. Call now!

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Posted By wessaari

@Munsu: well he is one of GA's greatest adversaries. The show has barely featured Deathtroke, and he has fough Ollie through most of his career, as well as fighting the Titans.

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Posted By theOVOXO

I enjoyed Deathstroke in the Teen Titans show. Then reading him in comics made me love him even more. He is one of the best DC villians that sometimes gets overlooked.

And now that he is confirmed playable in Injustice, im hoping Raven will be also.

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Posted By Munsu

So I guess they are making out Deathstroke to be GA's villain now because of the show? Meh.

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Posted By Stormbox

Cool, deathstroke looks badass in injustice!!

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Posted By Spawn92

Now that StormWatch is up and running, Im still pulling for Midnighter!!!

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Posted By GrimoireMyst

Never liked this character and always like seeing his ass kicked by a hero. lol

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Posted By sethysquare

@DeathpooltheT1000: im just a realist with a good eye for fashion.

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Posted By Cakeman3000

Always thought Deathstroke was really cool. I tried reading his solo run in the new DC 52 and I didn't enjoy it. I dropped it after two issues.

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Posted By SoA

@TheHeat: i loathed ultimate alliance 2

Avatar image for soa
Posted By SoA

i just want confirmation that Midnighter will be in it , secret/bonus character , DLC idc i just want him in the game !!!

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Posted By Icarusflies

I understand why Deathstroke would be in this kind of game, but it would be nice to get more characters who WEREN'T in MKvDC. : /

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Posted By daredevil21134

pre 52 Slade was cool

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Posted By Mojo65

I like Deathstroke sometimes but sometimes his plot armor gets a bit too ridiculous (like that mentioned fight in Identity Crisis)

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Posted By Cavemold

Final get my Deathstroke and Nightwing rematch!!! His voice sounds like bane from TDKR

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Posted By TheHeat
@nickthedevil said:

@theTimeStreamer said:

so this whole article is free commercial for dc's new game..... hope marvel games get the same treatment.

Let Marvel actually make a game worth the time, then this might stand. Til' then, they've proven incapable of creating a good game.

X-Men Legends I and II and Marvel Ultimate Alliance I and II would like a word with you. Oh, Shattered Dimensions was also a good game.
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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

Love Slade!!! I was enjoying the New 52 title but Rob Liefeld ruined it. Hope the new writer is good.

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Posted By jobiwankenobi

I adore Deathstroke. He is so cool.

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Posted By tensor

Man those moves look so darn good in the gameplay.