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Deadpool's Best Battles

Deadpool takes over the weekly Best Battles with some of his favorite fights.

Each week we normally take a look at some of the most violent and brutal fights in new comics. Unfortunately Deadpool came to us and insisted we focus on some of his best battles in comics. Are these his absolute best battles? We'll let you argue with Deadpool if you don't agree.

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Deadpool: Suicide Kings

Deadpool was lured by a rich kid to Newark. Because the kid had a huge gambling problem and owed a lot of money, he needed Deadpool to kill his bookie. Deadpool agrees because he'd end up making a million dollars in the end. It turned out it was all a trap. The kid and Tombstone set Deadpool up and released doctored footage showing him blowing up an apartment building. This put the Punisher on Deadpool's trail.

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Punisher disguised himself as a pizza delivery guy in order to get close to Deadpool. Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, Daredevil came to Deadpool's rescue, knowing that Deadpool was innocent.

As Deadpool escaped to try to clear his name, Punisher later caught up with him again.

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You would think shooting Deadpool's head off would take care of him. Thanks to his healing factor, he managed to survive. Now with Daredevil and Spider-Man helping him, clearing his name should be easy, right?

Punisher finds Deadpool alone yet again, and the two continue their fight.

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Eventually, Deadpool convinces Punisher he's innocent--or at least innocent in this matter. They team up in order to take on Tombstone and his men.

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There's plenty of more fighting, and you know eventually everything will get settled nice and neatly.

Wolverine Origins: The Deep End

A mysterious man offers to pay Deadpool $20 million dollars to kill Wolverine. How could Deadpool turn down that offer? Deadpool tracks down the mutant and starts things off with dropping a piano on top of Logan.

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The fight gets intense. At one point, Deadpool is about to shoot Wolverine at point blank. It's a good thing for Logan he has those really sharp Adamantium claws.

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With his fingers cut off, it might be a little difficult for Wade to continue the fight. He is a pretty resilient guy. He stalls long enough for his healing factor to allow his fingers to grow back.

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That bullet obviously doesn't stop Wolverine.

Just as Deadpool comes close to finally killing Wolverine, Logan's estranged son, Daken, pops in and catches Deadpool off guard. This was actually part of the overall plan, and Deadpool was just used to get Daken to show up when Wolverine was close to death because he wouldn't want anyone else to kill his father besides him.

Wolverine does make it clear what would happen to Deadpool if he tried killing him again.

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Threatening to chop him up and eat him, Wolverine's final words are, "Like to see ya come back from that..." Deadpool thinks to himself he easily could, just like bad Mexican food.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Deadpool actually kills the Marvel Universe. He takes on all the heroes and villains. Before you start to worry about this marking the end of all Marvel comics, the story does sort of take place in an alternate universe.

Professor X and the X-Men bring Deadpool to get treatment and therapy for his behavior. Unfortunately the psychiatrist in charge was really the villain from the Microverse, Psycho-Man. His attempt to gain control over Deadpool so he could build an army of unstoppable soldiers backfired. All it did was unleash Deadpool's true evil side.

His first stop was the headquarters of the Fantastic Four. Killing Reed Richards and the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman had no choice but to create an invisible bubble inside his head and expand it.

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Sue Richards isn't a killer. Having witnessed the murder of her husband and brother, she was left with no choice. It's too bad she turned her back on Deadpool's body as his head regrew. He followed this by killing her as well.

Later Spider-Man finds Deadpool. He's pretty disgusted with the merc's actions and drops him on a car. As he goes to Deadpool and starts yelling at him. Looks like he ignored his Spider-sense because this allowed Deadpool to take care of him.

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Deadpool next takes out the Avengers by stealing some Pym Particles and placing several bombs inside their mansion, including in their coffee. He moves on the X-Men and starts taking them down.

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Using a sword made of Carbonadium, Deadpool is able to kill Wolverine. Carbonadium is a metal similar to Adamantium and affects a mutant's healing factor.

Deadpool continues to kill heroes and villains. When it appears there's no one left to kill, he manages to get transported to the reality where the Marvel writers are meeting and discussing the series. It's not going to go well for them.

Deadpool #250, (AKA #45)

Deadpool tends to make a lot of enemies. After a couple fights with the terrorist organization, ULITMATUM, their leader decides to go after the home where Deadpool's daughter lives.

Knowing he needs to put a stop to this, he finds the perfect location to stage a final battle. ULTIMATUM comes in full force but Deadpool has had time to prepare for them.

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Deadpool has his hands full. ULTIMATUM didn't take any chances. They put a huge bounty on Deadpool's head which causes other killers to come out of the woodwork.

Wade finally confronts Flag Smasher, who begs Deadpool not to kill him now that he realizes just how serious of a threat he can be.

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Even though he's taken care of their leader, he can't let the rest of ULTIMATUM run free. Not when the life of his daughter is at risk.

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Knowing that even wiping out all these soldiers won't be enough, Deadpool feels there's only one thing left. Deadpool must die.

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The world needed to believe Deadpool was dead.

Everything seemed right, but then the world ended due to the events of Secret Wars. That's okay because the world was later recreated, and Deadpool was happier than ever.

That's all the time we have for this week. If there's a Deadpool battle you thought was way better than any of these, let us know which one in the comments below!

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