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Deadpool's Best and Weirdest Team-Ups

The Merc with a Mouth doesn't always work alone.

Deadpool is a character that usually goes on merc missions alone. Part of the reason might be others simply don't want to put up with him for too long.

Despite this fact, Deadpool has managed to team-up with many different characters in the Marvel Universe. Here's a look at some of the most memorable and wacky team-ups he's been a part of.

The Avengers Unity Squad

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Deadpool is currently an active member of the Avengers. For real. How can this be?

Because of his strange popularity in the Marvel universe, he's started selling Deadpool merchandise in order to help fund the Avengers Unity Squad. Members include Steve Rogers, the Human Torch, Rogue, Quicksilver, and others. The concept of Deadpool as an Avenger didn't sit too well with everyone. Spider-Man quit in the first issue because he didn't like the idea of being on a team with an unstable killer/mercenary.

Wolverine and Winter Soldier

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In the Wolverine Origins series, Deadpool and Wolverine fiercely fought each other for several issues. Even though Deadpool was trying to kill Wolverine after a mysterious person hired him to do so, it turned out it was all a trick to lure Wolverine's son, Daken, out in the open. Wolverine and Bucky Barnes knew that if Deadpool was getting close to killing Wolverine, Daken would reveal himself, which allowed Bucky to make his move against Daken. It was all pretty brutal and messy, but that's how things usually get when Deadpool's involved.


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In Deadpool Team-Up #885, Wade teamed up with...Hellcow. Hellcow is a vampiric cow that was created in the 70s. Deadpool had been kidnapped by a scientist looking to cure a deadly condition he was suffering from. He had been using the captured Hellcow to extend his life by drinking its pink demon milk. Deadpool and Hellcow worked together to defeat their captor and escape.

Unfortunately, while it looked like the beginning of a beautiful relationship, Deadpool led the way outdoors where the sun was shining brightly. The sun turned Hellcow into a hamburger patty which Deadpool proceeded to eat, despite declaring how much Hellcow would be missed.


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Deadpool has many dreams in life. One of them is being part of the X-Men even though he's not actually a mutant. In Deadpool & Cable #9, the X-Men agreed to work with Wade to stop Cable from unleashing an attack on the world. Deadpool was overjoyed and insisted on wearing an X-Men outfit--specifically, Jean Grey's original Marvel Girl costume. He claims it was to distract Cable.


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Deadpool found himself teaming up with Hercules in Deadpool Team-Up #899. The assassin Arcade has been losing business since Deadpool came onto the mercenary scene. Teaming up with Nightmare, lord of the dream dimension, they lure Deadpool and Hercules into a bizarre labyrinth that appears to defy normal physics.

When Deadpool had to fight a physical manifestation of his two other personalities, he figures out if he stabbs himself in the head and separated the left and right sides of his brain, Nightmare's illusions wouldn't work on him. This let Deadpool see they were really in one of Arcade's deathtrap rooms. Deadpool and Hercules later went to Tijuana to celebrate their victory.


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On Halloween, Deadpool and Hawkeye ended up getting involved in an attempt to stop two assassins who killed a seemingly innocent man. It turned out the man who was killed actually stole the human resource files for every active S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. With Clint sometimes working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the fact that Wade's daughter lives with an active S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, the two were forced to continue to work together to figure out what was going on.

Deadpool Corps

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It's still hard to believe the Deadpool Corps was a real thing. The team consisted of Deadpools from alternate universes. Joining the 616 Universe Deadpool was Lady Deadpool, Zombie Deadpool Head (aka Headpool), Kidpool, and Dogpool.

They were brought together when the Contemplator, an Elder of the Universe, decided they were the only ones to handle a threat.

Bob, Agent of HYDRA

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Even though Deadpool doesn't like Agent X and was accidentally shrunk to a small size with Pym Particles by Weasel, he's convinced to take on HYDRA to rescue Agent X. With some assistance from Weasel, he manages to infiltrate the HYDRA base.

Deadpool takes down one agent to obtain his access card and forces another one to act as his transport, shooting other agents along the way. It turns out this agent is Bob, the blogger guy Deadpool has read about. They find Agent X who was given arthritis through a HYDRA machine. Because the arthritis hurts so much, HYDRA also gave him a different genetic template called the "American Gene" which made him severely overweight.

Bob continues to help Deadpool, stating that he'd never be allowed back into HYDRA. Deadpool said they should let him back since he was forced to help. To drive the point home, he shoots Bob in the shoulder to prove he was forced to help them at gunpoint.

Much to Bob's dismay, the two have teamed up again several times.


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Deadpool needed money. He found an ad in the paper for a job as a Herald of Galactus. The job would require him to seek out and prepare planets to be devoured. Deadpool thought eating an entire planet was "pretty gangster" and was given a portion of the Power Cosmic.

Deadpool helped out Galactus for a bit but soon came up against a former Herald, Silver Surfer. After a long and intense fight, Deadpool was beat and decided to resign.

Marvel Super Heroes

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In Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, the Merc with a Mouth took a part in the 1984 crossover event, Secret Wars. A powerful being known as the Beyonder transported several heroes and villains in order to get them to fight. The winner would receive all they desired.

We don't remember Deadpool being in the original story, and things get really strange here.


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A lot of characters can't stand Deadpool. One character that really has a beef with him is Thanos. The Mad Titan is madly in love with Death. Death and Deadpool have sort of had a thing as well. Thanos was so bothered by this, he had a hand in making it so Deadpool couldn't die and actually be with Death.

When a diabolical scheme makes it so no one in the universe can die, Thanos is forced to work with Deadpool. He finds it hard to not go against his idea of Deadpool being unable to die.


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Deadpool really really likes Spider-Man. Spider-Man can't stand Deadpool, but they have teamed up a few times. The two are currently teaming up again in the Spider-Man/Deadpool series. Deadpool has been hired to kill Spider-Man's current boss, Peter Parker. He's been lead to believe that Parker is up to some really evil things at Parker Industries. He's obviously unaware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and simply pretending to be his own bodyguard. Deadpool's trying to figure out how to get Spider-Man to help him take out Parker.

Past encounters with the two have been both wacky and disturbing.


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As much as Deadpool enjoys teaming up with Spider-Man, his number one partner will always be Cable. Much to Cable's dismay, the two have been practically joined at the hips on several occasions. They even had a fantastic series that ran 50 issues.

In the current Split Second series, we discover their relationship goes back further than Deadpool realized. Time travel was involved so of course it gets a little complicated. Deadpool wouldn't have it any other way.

Clearly this is not all of Deadpool's best and weirdest team-ups. What has been your favorite Deadpool team-up?