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Deadpool and Howard the Duck Merge to Become Deadpool the Duck

The Merc with a Mouth becomes the cutest merc in the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool has gone through wacky and zany adventures in the Marvel Comics. He's had many different series and guest appearances over the years. It almost feels like we've seen it all when it comes to Deadpool. It turns out we haven't.

Early next year, Marvel is combining the annoying mercenary with the cynical Howard the Duck. Deadpool the Duck will be written by Stuart Moore with art by Jacopo Camagni. Aliens and SHIELD secret missions are involved. We were able to talk to Moore to find out what this is all about.

Cover by David Nakayama
Cover by David Nakayama

Comic Vine: How did this idea come about?

Stuart Moore: I was strolling over the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, inhaling a rich mix of over-gentrified construction equipment and 150 years of chemical-waste dumping, when something snapped in my brain. I pitched the idea to Marvel and apparently someone over there had been sniffing trade-paperback binding glue all day, because they approved it.

Should we assume there'll be equal parts humor and violence?

Yes, that's a good assumption. Might even be some heart-tugging emotion, too. Artist Jacopo Camagni excels at all three, so even if my lame jokes leave you flat, the art should get your blood pumping.

Once Deadpool the Duck appears, is there there a learning curve to the new form or will the mayhem begin immediately?

The mayhem begins even before the two characters are merged together. We waste no time here at Deadpool the Duck! After that, there's not so much a learning curve as, well, a struggle for control of the shared body. Deadpool is the dominant partner at first, as you might expect. But there are some surprises.

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Aside from Howard and Deadpool, any hints about other guest stars we might see?

[Cue ROCKET RACCOON THEME SONG] What? There is no Rocket Raccoon theme song? That's a national travesty. Seriously.

Will any foes or villains Deadpool the Duck encounters be able to take him/them seriously?

When that four-foot-tall powerhouse leaps through the air firing guns twice as big as his body, you bet they'll take him seriously. We’ve got a surprise villain coming late in the series, by the way.

What are you most excited about with this story?

The action is cool, the jokes are fun, the art is gorgeous. But for me, it's all about the characters. Especially Yakov the Roxxon Janitor!

Seriously, it's all about the two main players. Deadpool is one of Marvel's funniest characters because he's just a violent kid at heart, a quasi-cartoon who's happiest when he can punch and shoot his way out of a problem. Howard is Marvel's other funniest character, but his humor is much more verbal, more sarcastic and satirical. Putting them together was one of the most fun experiences I've had writing a comic.

Deadpool the Duck is a five-issue miniseries and begins in January 2017.