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DC's Upcoming Movies Announced

Find out what Warner Bros. will release after 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.' Yes, Wonder Woman is one of the movies!

The comic book movie genre has become massive and it shows no signs of slowing down. There's been a ton of rumors about what the DC Cinematic Universe has in store for us, but now we have the official word on what's coming out. After Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in 2016, DC/Warner Bros. is going to follow-up with a Suicide Squad movie! Don't worry, Wonder Woman isn't far behind and there's plenty more after that! Feast your eyes on the upcoming slate.

  • 2016: Suicide Squad (directed by David Ayer)
  • 2017: Wonder Woman (starring Gal Gadot)
  • 2017: Justice League Part One (directed by Zack Snyder)
  • 2018 The Flash (starring Ezra Miller)
  • 2018: Aquaman (starring Jason Momoa)
  • 2019: Shazam
  • 2019: Justice League Part Two (directed by Zack Snyder)
  • 2020: Cyborg (starring Ray Fisher)
  • 2020: Green Lantern
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Only time will tell if these movies will be worth the wait, but this is still totally exciting news. It's great to see Diana will be the first "new" cinematic Justice League character to get a solo film and they'll then focus on the other members. The press release also noted that "Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema will release a slate of at least 10 movies—as well as stand-alone Batman and Superman films—from 2016 through 2020." At least 10 and stand-alone Batman and Superman films, so it looks like the above list may not be their complete schedule. So, what do you think about this news? Visit the comments section and speak your mind!