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DC Villain Anarky Revealed in Arrow Images for "Blood Debt"

Check out Alexander Calvert as the iconic Batman villain.

CW's Arrow returns to television on January 20, and with its return comes a notorious DC Comics villain, Anarky. The character will be played by Alexander Calvert on the episode titled "Blood Debts," and the CW revealed a couple images of what the character will look like on the series.

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Photo Credit: Katie Yu/CW

The CW version of the character is quite a departure from the comic book version, in which Anarky wore a red hat and gold mask; however, the show seems to playing off of the rebellious spirit of the character, who stands up for what he believes in, which is sometimes at the expense other people's lives.

Anarky first appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS #608 in 1989. The character rose up against corruption in politics and the government at the age of 12. During his time as a villain, utilizing his intellect and hacking skills, Anarky spent time taking on mainly Batman and Robin. Considering Oliver Queen has been running for mayor on Arrow, this seems like the perfect time to bring in the character.

Arrow returns on the CW on Wednesday, January 20.