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DC Unveils WORLDS' FINEST #3 Cover

Can the two Earth-2 heroines survive long enough to find their way home?

There's no questioning that the idea of reintroducing Earth-2 into the "New 52" universe is a daring move. I've mentioned that it could cause some confusion for new readers who might not know or understand the history of the characters and how they related before. In WORLDS' FINEST, we'll be seeing the Earth-2 versions of Huntress and Power Girl trapped on in main DC Universe. While there may be confusion, it is going to make some interesting stories when they meet up with the counterparts of those they were close to.

Today, DC revealed the cover to WORLDS' FINEST #3. With this sort of action, how long until they meet up with the other heroes in the "New 52"?

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WORLDS' FINEST will be written by Paul Levitz. with art by George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Issue #3 is on sale in July.