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Looks like Pandora is at it again. What will she be up to this time?

One of the biggest mysteries since the New 52 started is what's up with Pandora? First known only as a mysterious glowing pink lady, we all wondered what her intentions were. She was seen at the end of FLASHPOINT and was responsible for merging the DC, Wildstorm and aspects of the Vergito universes together. This lead to the current New 52 Universe. She also appeared in all the original #1 issues.

Since then, we've learned a tiny bit more. She was punished as part of the Trinity of Sin, as seen in last year's DC COMICS NEW 52 FCBD issue. With TRINITY WAR coming this summer and the debut of her own ongoing series written by Ray Fawkes, DC teased a two-page spread from the issue.

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Will we find out what her true intentions are? What about what's in her Pandora's Box? More importantly, will we find out what she was doing in all those #1 issues?

Source: DC Comics