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DC New Talent Showcase #1: Emma Beeby Talks Wonder Woman & Catwoman

What happens when Diana and Selina meet up?

DC Comics has released the New Talent Showcase one-shot this week with nine stories from creators taking part in a new program. Yesterday we saw what Erica Schultz had to say about her Hawkgirl story. Today we talked to Emma Beeby about her Wonder Woman/Catwoman story.

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Comic Vine: Catwoman and Wonder Woman seems like a crazy, but exciting, pairing. Where did this idea come from? Did you get to choose these two characters for this pairing?

Emma Beeby: We could choose anyone in the DCU and write pretty much anything we wanted, as long as it was the story we most wanted to tell. As a brief, it's so wide, it's intimidating. Usually there are lots of restrictions! I wanted to write the characters I love the most, and honestly, I couldn't choose. Wonder Woman or Catwoman? I wanted to write them both, and that soon became wanting to write them together. It's not the most straightforward idea, but once I'd had it I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Can we assume they won't necessarily get along?

Well, I don't think they would exactly click. They are fundamentally opposites, if not actual enemies. Diana is all truth and honor and fighting for others, but Selina is fine with manipulation and stealing and mostly fights for herself. It's not going to easy.

What can you tell us about the set up for the story and this set up?

Diana is in need of a thief...

Could Selina and Diana every get along long enough to relax on vacation together?

Maybe they could, if they learn to trust each other, or at least get to know each other better in more extreme circumstances. I don't know if it would be relaxing for very long, though.

What are you most excited about in this story?

Seeing these two characters together, that dynamic, is just so much fun to write. I want to be throwing them into each other's worlds. This is only a brief intro of eight pages - there's a lot more I'd like to do with them.

Be sure to check out New Talent Showcase #1, on sale Wednesday, November 30.

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