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DC Expands Beyond Superheroes with Young Animal and The Lost Boys

Things are getting weird with Young Animal, in a pretty cool way.

DC revealed more about their other comic lines during an event the company held with the press on Friday morning at Comic-Con. The event featured writer Gerard Way and editor Jamie Rich discussing the upcoming Young Animal line of comics, as well as the announcement of a comic based on the film The Lost Boys.

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DC's new Young Animal line will showcase characters from the DCU, but they will be involved in stories that are more adult and a lot less about being a superhero. It sounds like it's somewhere in between DC and Vertigo.

While Thursday's breakfast delved into diversity within characters and creators, Friday took a look at what DC has coming down the road: their books that don't revolve around capes and superheroes.

Gerard Way, the writer of the upcoming book Doom Patrol and Group Editor of Vertigo Comics Jamie Rich talked to the press about bringing some extremely unique elements to comics. "A lot of what makes Young Animal work is that there's a lot of trust between DC, me, and the Young Animal team," explained Way.

He discussed a few of there more out-there ideas, including working with black light ink for a book. "We're talking about doing this psychedelic special that uses DC characters but printed in black light ink. We're talking about eventually experimenting with music. I'm just really proud of all these books.

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One unique thing the Doom Patrol book will do pays homage to Andy Warhol's art for the Velvet Underground. "Everyone should know," explained Way. "That's what [the Doom Patrol cover] will look like, but that gyro will actually peel off. There's something underneath."

Doing these unique things to these comics is more than just being different though. It will be "weird little inserts and fun things for people in the books to get them to embrace the single issue again," continued Way. "We'll try to make each of those single issues very special."

During the speech, Jamie Rich mentioned that Vertigo would be releasing a comic based on the world of the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

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Vertigo will be releasing a sequel to The Lost Boys that takes place right after the first film. Tim Seeley will be writing and Scott Godlewski will provide the art.

Rich went on to tell a story about a very excited Seeley overhearing Rich discuss the book and pitching a story to him on the spot. The book is expected to hit shelves this fall.