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DC Entertainment Takes Pumpkin Carving to a New Level

Check out what could be done to a normal pumpkin.

One of the joys of Halloween is deciding how to decorate and carve your pumpkin. The days of doing a regular face carved onto a jack o'lantern are gone. You may have seen the different kits in stores which allow you to tape an image onto a pumpkin to help you carve an elaborate design.

DC Comics is taking pumpkin carving to a new level.

The Joker may be Batman's most menacing villain, but check out what he looks like when his face is carved onto a pumpkin.

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"How did they do that?" "That's not real!"

It is indeed for real. Watch this time-lapse video of the carving courtesy of DC Comics.

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It's not just Joker that gets his image carved onto a pumpkin. If that wasn't disturbing enough for Batman, DC also had a Two-Face pumpkin carved.

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Here's the time-lapse video for that.

Kind of makes you feel bad about your pumpkin now, doesn't it? Regardless, be proud of what you were able to do. Perhaps you could strive to reach a new level of pumpkin-carving in the years to come.

Source: DC Comics