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DC COMICS - THE NEW 52 ZERO Collection Announced for December

There's another massive collection coming out just in time for the holidays.

It's hard to believe the "New 52" has been going on for just about a full year now. As you're probably aware, in September, DC will be putting out zero issues for all titles. The issues will be stand alone stories and will delve into the origins of the characters and (hopefully) fill in some of the gaps and answers some of the questions we have.

Today DC has announced they will be collecting all 55 of the zero issues (remember, September will see the end of some titles and the beginnings of four new titles).

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The hardcover collection will be released on December 12 and consist of 1,328 pages. This sounds similar to last year's collected hardcover release of all the #1 issues (you can check out our look at that collection here).

The cover, seen above, features art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Some did question the practicality of the #1 collections but because this features stand alone stories and origins, it definitely has value to it.