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DC's "The Edge" family is getting two new titles focusing on politics and social movement.

Yesterday we heard the news about several titles getting canceled. What's going to take their place? We don't know the full list yet but today, DC has announced on their blog the details for two new series joining The Edge family of books.

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The two new series will each represent themes that came out of Occupy Wall Street. It's the 1% vs the 99%, in two separate titles.

On May 1, THE MOVEMENT will be a new series written by Gail Simone with art by Freddie Williams II. This is what Simone had to say over at Huffington Post:

THE MOVEMENT is an idea I've had for some time. It's a book about power -- who owns it, who uses it, who suffers from its abuse. As we increasingly move to an age where information is currency, you get these situations where a single viral video can cost a previously unassailable corporation billions, or can upset the power balance of entire governments. And because the sources of that information are so dispersed and nameless, it's nearly impossible to shut it all down.

The other series THE GREEN TEAM, is on sale May 22. The Eisner Award-winning team of Art Baltazar and Franco make their New 52 debut with artist Ig Guara.

Art Baltazar teased the following:

The real question is: Can money buy you anything in the DC universe? Would it make you powerful? Can it make you a hero? Can money make you…Super?

Franco added to this with the following statement:

If you had unlimited wealth, could you use that to make the lives of people better? Would you help your fellow man? Would you buy powers? You need to read this and find out.

We'll have to stay tuned to find out more.

Source: DC Comics