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DC Announces ROBIN RISES: OMEGA One-Shot

What will this mean for the future of Batman and Robin?

The BATMAN AND ROBIN series has continued despite the death of Damian Wayne. Instead of Robin, we've seen rotating guest starts team up with Batman. Lately, Batman's been on the hunt for his son's body after Ra's al Ghul took them.

Today's it's been officially announced that ROBIN RISES: OMEGA is coming from Peter Tomasi and Andy Kubert. This follows the events of the "Hunt for Robin" story and is on sale July 16.

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DC also revealed to the LA Times' Hero Complex that the following week, we'll see the return of BATMAN AND ROBIN with issue #33.

Does this mean the return of Damian? In the interview, Tomasi said the following:

Let’s just say that we are most definitely bringing back a Robin for Batman’s 75th anniversary. Batman needs a Robin and Robin needs a Batman, so what more needs to be said except that “Robin Rises: Omega,” drawn by the stupendous Andy Kubert, starts and ends with a bang and everything that occurs in this epic story all has seeds that Pat Gleason and I planted back during our first arc in “Batman and Robin: Born To Kill.”

It's not clear whether or not Damian is returning. Tomasi was very coy about that. But of course you wouldn't expect them to necessarily straight out tell us. We'll have to wait and see.

What do you think, Damian or another Robin?