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DC Announces Eight New Mini-Series including METAL MEN and POISON IVY

Fan favorite characters are getting six-issue miniseries, featuring top creative talent.

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DC made the announcement today that in early 2016, that well be launching eight new six-issue miniseries to bring in some fan favorite characters via USA Today. This is to "reposition" the characters for the future and each of these books will have help from the original creators as well.

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Len Wein will be coming back to both METAL MEN and SWAMP THING. Wein brought Swamp Thing to life back in 1972 in SWAMP THING #1. Wein will also be writing the Metal Men mini-series as well. That team first appeared in SHOWCASE #37, back in 1962, and the team actually has appeared in the post-FLASHPOINT DCU.

Mike W Barr comes back to Katana in her new series. Katana first appeared in DC SAMPLER #1 back in 1983. The series will be called KATANA: CULT OF THE KOBRA. While Len Wein wrote a Swamp Thing story during CONVERGENCE, Barr has not written a Katana story in quite some time.

Gerry Conway is taking on FIRESTORM and Marv Wolfman will be writing RAVEN. Wolfman talked about the character and connection to younger fans.

"When I go to comic conventions it thrills me to see all the young fans cosplaying as Raven from the Teen Titans GO! cartoon show... Because so many comic fans are boys, it's wonderful that there's something about her that connects with both girls and boys."

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Writer Amy Chu, who has been working on SENSATION COMICS: WONDER WOMAN, takes on Poison Ivy in POISON IVY: CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH, and DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras said the book takes Poison Ivy in a new direction. In addition, Aaron Lopresti will be writing METAMORPHO and Keith Giffen puts a grown-up spin on SUGAR & SPIKE, which reintroduces Sugar Plumm and Cecil "Spike" Wilson, who are not spoiled kids anymore. They will be working as private detectives that superheroes can handle.

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These books will be available in early 2016.