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Dazzler's New Look

Dazzler isn't too happy and she's giving herself a makeover.

Dazzler's had it rough lately. She became the mutant liaison for S.H.I.E.L.D. and some didn't take that too well, calling her a traitor and such. To make things worse, Mystique kidnapped Dazzler and was farming her to produce the Mutant Growth Hormone drug. While Dazzler was sedated and locked away, Mystique was posing as her causing even more mischief.

Dazzler was finally rescued by Magneto and she's not too happy with recent events.

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As Dazzler gets back on her feet, she's giving herself a new look. This isn't the first time she's changed things up. We all know originally she was a Disco Queen. She also had that blue spandex look with the short hair and headband.

Kris Anka posted her new look on his Tumblr.

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The question is, what do you think of this new look for Dazzler? Do you like the change in hair color and style? Do you like the torn costume look to match her anger?

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