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Dark Knight Rises Teaser Unmasks on Facebook

We get our first look at Nolan's finale to the Batman legend: what can we expect from the Dark Knight's last film?

For all of you looking for the first glimpses of The Dark Knight Rises, look no further than the film's Facebook page. A short, minute-and-change trailer has been posted, showcasing Bruce, Commissioner Gordon and a brief (and I mean brief) shot of Tom Hardy's Bane.

I can say, though, that this underwhelmed me a bit; we don't really get a feel for what the film will be about, except for some thematic dialog. Yes, we know that the Batman needs to exist, and that he needs to come back to right the wrongs of Gotham - that's just standard "third act" stuff. Perhaps that's what the director wanted us to see with this teaser: instead of making it seem like a giant action movie, the film's focus should be the closing out of the story, and the decisions Bruce Wayne is about to face.

== TEASER ==

We also find out that Bane's mask isn't the full-faced version we're used to, which perhaps allows for a bit more expressiveness by the actor.

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Hopefully we'll get a better look at San Diego Comic Con, but we're left with some questions as a result of this trailer: why is Gordon is a hospital bed? Is Batman being set up for a loss against Bane (he looks quite winded in the sequence we see him in)? Is Bruce Wayne being set up for a crisis of conscience?

What do you guys think of the trailer?


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