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Dark Avengers #7, Utopia Ch 3 Reviewed (With Flying Geese)

G-Man reviews the next chapter of UTOPIA.

We're in the middle of a crossover.  That means other characters invade this book.  Even though it is Dark Avengers, they don't get a lot of action here.  The important thing is, how is the story?  Will the riots ever be over?  Since it's a Dark Avengers book, does that mean we might see (and hear) Bullseye in this video?  Watch and see.

I thought that Matt Fraction and Luke Ross did a good job coming in and taking over the title.  How long will the Dark X-Men stay together?  What do you think Emma really saw when she looked in at Charles' room?  If the Dark Avengers fight the Dark X-Men, who would win?  What team, if any, would Daken fight on?  What do you think of this arc so far?