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Daredevil #500 Reviewed!

G-Man reviews the massive milestone issue.

Daredevil's had it pretty rough lately.  His luck has been horrible.  He's been on the edge for a while and things are changing.  For a 500th issue, you really should have some big events happening, right?  Ed Brubaker delivers.  Things are about to change, big time, for DD.

 I couldn't believe how much material was here.  Marvel's been doing a great job with these 500 and 600th issues.  Part of me isn't too sure what to think of the events here.  Have you been reading Daredevil lately?  Did you see this coming?  Are you looking forward to where things are going to go.  I suppose with how things have been going, it almost makes sense.  This issue really made me want to move Daredevil up on my reading list.