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DangerKatt’s PROPHET Blasts Its Way Onto ComiXology

The graphic novel by Daniel Corey will now be available digitally.

Last year we talked to Daniel Corey (MORIARTY) about his creator-owned series PROPHET along with the fact that the movie rights had been acquired. Last month it was announced that Corey and Mark Dos Santos would be working on RED CITY, a series "brimming with political conspiracy and raging with rival alien mobs," at Image Comics.

Now you will be able to check out PROPHET via ComiXology, starting tomorrow, April 16.

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DangerKatt Creative Studio is happy to announce that their inaugural title, DangerKatt’s PROPHET, will be released digitally on ComiXology this coming Wednesday, April 16th.

DangerKatt’s PROPHET made headlines at San Diego Comic-Con last year when it was announced that Hollywood-based production company Outlier (TWILIGHT, PERCY JACKSON) had acquired the film rights to the book, with James Cotten, E. Thompson and Mark Morgan onboard to produce. The title joins ComiXology as part of its Submit program, which allows independent publishers an outlet for digital distribution.

Written by Daniel Corey, with art by Anthony Diecidue, DangerKatt’s PROPHET follows a killer-for-hire afflicted with supernatural visions who realizes his destiny is to use his special skills to wage war against demons and drug lords. Set in a dystopian, near-future Mexico, Prophet must learn to accept his fate: that he is the latest in a long line of visionary warriors.

Author Daniel Corey has also enjoyed recent success with Image Comics (WALKING DEAD, SAGA). His Image titles include MORIARTY, a second collaboration with artist Anthony Diecidue, and the upcoming RED CITY, with artist Mark Dos Santos, which is due out June 11th.

“I am very excited that DangerKatt’s PROPHET is getting such great exposure,” Corey said. “When I started this book back in 2007, I never thought we’d see both a movie deal and distribution from the largest cloud-based comics platform in the business. Anthony and I are very happy with the course that this project has taken.” Daniel Corey is repped by David Server and Ray Miller at Archetype.

This occurs on the heels of an announcement last week that ComiXology is being acquired by Amazon, a deal that industry insiders will be watching closely.

The 150-page digital graphic novel hits the ComiXology app store on Wednesday, June 16th, and will retail for $5.99.

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I've been meaning to read this, but am running out of storage for comics. Nice to see this is going to be digital. $5.99 sounds more then reasonable too.