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Dan Abnett Talks TITANS #2 and Unraveling the Mysteries of Rebirth

With Wally West's return, the Titans are starting to realize their pasts, memories, and the DCU have been tampered with.

Back in 2011, DC Comics updated their comics universe with the New 52 reboot. It was a way for new readers to jump into the stories where elements of the characters' origins were retold. Unfortunately, bits of history and some of the essence of what made the characters great were lost. When DC released the Rebirth special, we saw the return of the original Kid Flash, Wally West. His return revealed an extremely powerful force was responsible for the changes and omissions in the time line.

Wally West has reconnected with the Titans, former sidekicks to DC's big heroes. They are now aware of their past memories being altered. Before they can really deal with this discovery, Abra Kadabra, a Flash villain from the future, has returned and made the former Kid Flash his main target. We spoke with Titans writer, Dan Abnett, to find out more about how the latest issue will affect Rebirth and the DC Universe.

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Comic Vine: Now that the Titans are together, will they have a specific mission? Will they start to prepare for the hidden threat seen in the Rebirth special even though they're busy with Abra Kadabra now?

Dan Abnett: Yes, and clearly Kadabra has a connection to the things that have set this in motion. With the return of Wally galvanizing the Titans into a team in the Rebirth one-shot and onwards, this first arc is more about them dealing with the shockwaves of that and of Kadabra's reappearance. After that, we'll definitely present a series of stories that are action-packed and entertaining but also sets them up with a focus as a team. We'll see them functioning and not just responding to things that are happening to them. They'll start to be proactive in the world.

With Abra Kadabra, how much of his pre-Flashpoint past with Wally does he remember?

Kadabra doesn't remember as much as Wally because Wally has an inside connection to the multiple time streams. A lot of things we know about the past, as readers, Wally has witnessed. Kadabra certainly knows a great deal more than a lot of the characters around him. He also has that added strangeness because he comes from the future. He knows about things that haven't happened yet. One of the reasons he's right here, right now, is because he can see things that are going to happen. He comes from very, very far into the future. It's not just a random attempt to silence someone he finds annoying. He's here for a very specific reason to make sure certain things don't happen.

It might sound a little complicated, but I love the idea that we have a story with two characters with very unique and different perspectives on time and events. They'll be trying to out-match each other as a result of that.

When the New 52 launched in 2011 and the DC timeline was altered, we saw a year or two past in the characters' time. Are we going to see what Wally was doing during that time?

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Yes, yes. We sort of have started already in Titans Hunt. We suggested Wally was there. His activities when they were the Teen Titans were a complete secret. It was something the kids got up to when the adults weren't looking. That's why they're not famous and known as the Teen Titans. When I wrote that, I was drawing upon the older 1960s continuity. They had action and adventures then. Wally disappearing removed him and any memory of things they did. The Titans are getting that all back now. They're realizing they had quite a history before. For example, Dick Grayson became Nightwing. There's a bunch of lovely toys to unlock. I have to resist the temptation to unlock them all at once.

Will any of the Titans have trouble adjusting to the fact there's part of their past missing?

I suppose they might, to a certain extent. There is a nice flavor and ongoing theme of deception that runs through the Rebirth. Geoff [Johns] has orchestrated it quite brilliantly. He found a way to reconcile both old continuity and new by making them work in conjunction. There are certain people they've forgotten, and now, they're remembering. Certain things will be revealed that have been temporary fixes. Whoever has messed around with time has edited it seamlessly. The cracks are there for those who are closest to it.

I guess the Titans book is the one that is absolutely closest to it. They're closest to the tampering. Wally can testify to it. The other team members are going to respond to that. I think getting their memories back of their earlier adventures are going to feel natural and almost a relief. The absence in their life has been fulfilled. As they go along, I'm going to pick at that. In order for them to forget that, what did they remember? What's been placed in their heads to mask that time? How much of what they remember is true? They're not going to have trauma over the return of Wally, but there might be more of a delayed trauma reaction when they realize some of the things they originally thought happened was actually a disguise of the truth. There's some fun things to come, with one character in particular, but I won't mention her name. Oops, what did I say?

Will we see other characters besides Wally try to connect with people or personal relationships from that missing time?

That is certainly entirely possible. Joining some of those connected points will be very nice to do. Obviously, Linda Park is the really crucial one with Wally. There's something very exciting and tragic about the situation. We know she and Wally worked great together. She has no idea. It's not just that she's forgotten. It never happened for her. As far as she's concerned, this crazy guy named Wally has appeared out of nowhere in a flash of lightning going, "Do you remember me? She has no idea. He, of course, is heartbroken. For him, it was a complete reality. He knows it can work. He has to find a way of communicating that with her. He almost has to replay it to see if it would work for her. He also has to try not to come across as a weird creep who knows so much about her life in a stalker-y way. As far as timeless romances go, this is about as unusual and unconventional as we're going to get. Everybody's rooting for them. We know they should be together. We'll just have to see where it goes. It also gives a chance to make Linda a really great dynamic individual character.

Will the Titans seek out other former members of the team?

They are. Not many. There was a secondary level of the original Teen Titans that I presented in Titans Hunt. They're going to be like family members, if not full-time team members. We're going to see them interacting and probably reaching out beyond that. It won't just be to former Teen Titans. There'll be former Teen Titans villains, as well. There's some interesting connections to be had there. People will suddenly remember that they know them and didn't get along very well.

Any teases or anything else you want to add about what's coming up?

People seem to be responding to the comic very favorably. These are clearly beloved characters. They are legacy characters. These are the second generation proper DC heroes who took on the mantles of great heroes. They actually did it properly. I think to explore a book about friendship is going to be great. Their individual problems will also surface. This opening arc is very much about Wally. Other characters are going to become the focus of stories as their own personal baggage becomes important with Wally's reappearance.

We have some really interesting dangers, threats. and villains coming up. And as you mentioned in your very first question, he big question mark, the big threat of Rebirth is going to be there all the time. It's very strange to be writing a book that is so closely connected to the center of this massive event. It's going to have repercussions for some considerable time. It's very exciting, and very nice to be able to do it. If you want a fun team book with friendship, that's great. Looming in the background is this shadow, a great menace which was deployed successfully in the Rebirth one-shot. There's lots of fun to be had.

Titans #2 is now on sale.