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CW Allegedly Working on Live Action Young Justice Show

According to one report, it looks like we haven't seen the last of this fan-favorite team on TV.

Many are still disappointed about Young Justice being removed from Cartoon Network's schedule, but it looks like the team may make a return. Bleeding Cool claims a "reliable source" has informed them the CW is bringing the team back to the small screen in a live action "teen drama/romance series with a superhero twist." They say it'll be based on the animated show (and by connection, the video games and comic books titles) and is slated to air in 2015. As for who will allegedly be on the team, they claim it'll be led by Superboy and Miss Martian. No word on whether it'll connect to the CW's other DC properties.

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If this does ultimately pan out, which characters would you like to see on the show and who would you cast for the parts? Would you even want to see this team return in a live action format? Don't be shy, let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Bleeding Cool