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Crisis on New Genesis: Is This the 'Justice League' Movie Plot?

An early report suggests JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #183-185 holds the answers.

The Justice League movie is set for release in 2015. So far, we really haven't heard anything other than the possibility of Darkseid being the villain to unite the team. It was also reported by Latino Review that JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA issues #183-185 will be the inspiration for the plot.

The question is, besides containing Darkseid, what were the issues about? What happened and could the issues be used for a movie plot?

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I was able to track down the issues in my collection (don't tell anyone I left work early). The story starts out with the team finding themselves on New Genesis, the home of the New Gods. The team consists of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Firestorm from the Justice League and Dr. Fate, Huntress, Power Girl and Wonder Woman from the Justice Society. This will obviously change along with any Earth-1/Earth-2 references.

Superman tells the others he's been there before and New Genesis lies "somewhere beyond the bounds of time and space." New Genesis appears to be abandoned. It's Firestorm that impulsively ventures off and runs into Orion the Hunter. After a misunderstanding and battle, the heroes discover that it was Metron that brought them there. He arrives with Mr. Miracle, Big Barda and Oberon.

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The heroes were brought to New Genesis because the evil planet Apokolips has kidnapped the entire population and turned them into mindless slaves. They find out that Darkseid had been killed by Orion (secretly Darkseid's son) when Darkseid was trying to pierce the forbidden final barrier to gain ultimate knowledge. No one knows who is behind the kidnapping with Darkseid gone. They soon discover that Darkseid has been brought back from death.

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With the return of Darkseid and the fact that the Injustice Society (from Earth-2) helped bring him back, immediate action was required. As Power Girl, Firestorm and Orion tried to put a stop to Darkseid's resurrection, Superman, Wonder Woman and Big Barda visited Granny Goodness' prison-orphanage where they discovered the Apokolips Underground Fighters, a guerrila army of children living underneath Granny's place.

They find out from a multi-cog child with a mind that combines precognition with telepathy. He saw on Earth-2 an animate construct of Darkseid erupted from the ground and offered Fiddler, Icicle and Shade power if they obeyed him.

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They made their way to Apokolips and Fiddler and Shade used their powers to kidnap the gods of New Genesis. They know that Darkseid was planning his recreation but they weren't sure what else.

As this went on, Dr. Fate, Hal Jordan and Oberon are fighting soldiers of Apokolips. They know someone was imprisoned near by and soon discover it's Izaya, High-Father of the New Gods.

Green Lantern tries to free him from his restraints but is unable to do so.

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Dr. Fate is finally able to free the High-Father. He is in a weakened form as the bonds were sapping his will and life-force. High-Father's says he'll recover but they need to act immediately. He can sense Darkseid's evil and says he knows what's in his mind. If he is allowed to complete his plan, it would result in the destruction of all space and time.

As Batman, Huntress and Mr. Miracle break into the imperial palace, Darkseid's plan is revealed. Mr. Miracle has uncovered tells them that Darkseid needs the kidnapped people of New Genesis to build him a machine that can be used as a transmatter device. Darkseid plans to transport Apokolips into the Earth-2 universe because there won't be any old or new gods to stop him.

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Darkseid hates flowers.
Darkseid hates flowers.

Now that Darkseid is back, he confesses that when he was dead, he was floating in a spiritual limbo. He soon came to treasure the memory of living things. This just makes him more upset and he says he will never forgive himself for such weakness.

The Injustice Society points out that not only have they brought him back, they also defeated Power Girl, Firestorm and Orion. The three are trapped within a block of ice. This doesn't sit well with Darkseid since even though Orion is a traitor, he is still Darkseid's son. He hits them with the Omega Force which transports them to their permanent prison. Because he didn't destroy them, Darkseid feels even he can be merciful. When a soldier asks if they should free his son, Darkseid replies that he doesn't care that his son is trapped. He was angry that they beat him. He's fine if the frozen heroes rot.

Batman, Huntress and Mr. Miracle free the frozen heroes. Wonder Woman, Superman and Barda capture Granny. Fiddler, Shade and Icicle are liberated from their prison since Fiddler's power is needed to free the people of New Genesis from their hypnotic trance.

Darkseid is ready to transport Apokolips but Orion, Power Girl and Firestorm arrive to stop him. Darkseid shoots the Omega Force at them but Firestorm acts quickly to deflect it back at Darkseid.

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Stunned, Darkseid manages to start the device. It appears the heroes are too late. Earth-2 is doomed.

High-Father quickly points out that the beam wasn't directed at Apokolips but the imperial palace. The beam hits Darkseid, seemingly destroying him, once again.

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It turns out this happened because Metron felt he had no choice but to interfere. When Darkseid was preoccupied with them, he reprogrammed the master computer to redirect the machine's beam at Darkseid.

The threat is over. End of story.

How will this relate to the movie?

Clearly a lot needs to be changed. The basic idea could be used. Darkseid needs to transport Apokolips into the movie's universe which would result in the destruction of Earth. We'd have to assume the heroes won't be necessarily transported to New Genesis. If they were, that could be a way to first gather the team. Metron, or some other character, could have found heroes on Earth such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so forth, all who might be unaware of the existence of each other. They are needed to fight Darkseid and the fact that it's their world at risk gives them the incentive to agree to the fight.

It sounds like it could be a lot for a movie that will be introducing most of the characters. This is something that would work better if the heroes were already established in their own solo movies first, as Marvel/Disney did.

The idea could work. It'll be tricky. Darkseid is a big threat that would call for uniting Earth's mightiest heroes (yes, I know that's how the Avengers are described). We'll have to wait to see if what further developments there are.