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Could Future Movies Star Other Green Lanterns?

If not Hal Jordan, what about Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner or John Stewart?

   See, this is from back when Kyle was the #1 GL.
 See, this is from back when Kyle was the #1 GL.

Green Lantern’s unusual amongst super-heroes in that the identity’s almost equally associated with multiple, totally-different personalities. Sure, Hal’s back to #1 GL these days, but ask any of the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon’s fans who GL is and they’ll say John Stewart. And Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner both had lengthy, years-long stints. I bring this up because, during an interview with MTV about BURIED, Ryan Reynolds brings up the possibility (emphasis on possibility) that future GREEN LANTERN movies might be about ringslingers aside from Hal.

So spoke Mr. Reynolds…

"It's a pretty big universe and there's a lot to explore… There's a lot to explore with Hal   and  without him. You could do a couple more movies with Hal, then you could move on to a movie with Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner, any of those guys… [but] let's not put the cart before the horse…"

So yeah, this talk might be getting a little far ahead of things, but it’s interesting to consider - - this might possibly be an avenue for Reynolds to do the DEADPOOL movie and not have it conflict with the greater plans for GREEN LANTERN. == TEASER ==

   Everybody knows this needs some Ion power.    
Everybody knows this needs some Ion power.    

It’s tough to say which Earthborne GL I’d like to see star instead of Hal. John brings a military hardness and discipline that’s a bit more bad ass than a cocky pilot. Kyle’s more fun since drawing is his day job - - his constructs run a lot more creative than any other GL’s. And as for Guy? It’s always fun to see a cantankerous loudmouth like him in any leading man position (and we have already seen him as GL in THE BRAVE & THE BOLD and the discontinued JUSTICE LEAGUE live-action TV shows.) And how could I forget mentioning Alan Scott?

Me, I just want to see “ultimate Green Lantern” Sodam Yat appear in some capacity in these movies.

I suppose this calls for some fantasy producing. Which GL would you want to headline one of these movies, if not Hal? And what actors are just the undeniable doubles for these characters?

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