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Contest: Win GHOSTED VOL. 1 HAUNTED HEIST and Exclusive Issue #6

Hopefully you won't be too scared to enter since this is dealing with ghosts.

GHOSTED #6 comes out this week. If you're not caught up, the first volume is now on sale. Last week was Image Expo and Joshua Williamson announced his new upcoming series, NAILBITER (you can watch the interview HERE).

With GHOSTED #6 out this week, we want to give you the chance to win the exclusive Image Expo variant plus the trade containing the first five issues.

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To win, all you have to do is tell us what dead person, real or fiction, would you NOT want to be haunted by and what dead person, real or fiction, would you not mind being haunted by. Be sure to tell us why.


2 Grand Prize: GHOSTED VOL. 1: HAUNTED HEIST and GHOSTED #6 Image Expo Variant.

1 Runner Up: GHOSTED #6 Image Expo Variant.

The contest is only open to U.S. residents per legal reasons. Please do not comment and tell us you live in another country.

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The winners will be chosen by random unless Josh is able to pick his favorite entries. The contest will end Monday, January 20 at midnight PST.

Avatar image for bladewolf
Posted By bladewolf

I would not want to be haunted by Lord Byron; I feel like having to listen to a ghost moaning his poems (which I don't enjoy) would drive me insane!

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Teddy Roosevelt. I feel like he'd be a fun companion, and could definitely motivate me to work harder in my life.

Avatar image for mightypug78
Edited By mightypug78

The last person i would haunting me is Fred Phelps. I just can't stand people like him, always hating people and using religion as a shield for their prejudiced and extremely offensive behavior.If he was haunting me, i'm sure he would never shut up and his unwanted company would be unbearable when i am hanging with gay members of my family whom i think are very decent people. The person that i would want haunting me would be Kal-el/ clark kent. He is an outstanding man of character that many little boys aspire to be. He would be a great source of advice and a great moral compass. And imagine all the stories that the man of steel could tell about his many heroic acts. His stories would keep me entertained for many nights, i would probably even write the stories and the lessons he learned so that i could share them with world. I would of course donate most of the proceeds I make from the books i write to a charity of supermans choice. I would put the rest in a bank account for me and my family to use in times of need. That is who i would and would not want haunting me.

Avatar image for gingerachi
Posted By Gingerachi

SPOILERS (obviously)

(Hoping this counts) I would not mind being haunted by Peter Parker because he'll eventually find a way back into his own body and leave me alone.

I would hate to be haunted by t.v. Andrea (walking dead) simply because she'd be the most unpleasant companion to have stuck in my head, and she'll never be as good as comic Andrea

Avatar image for jangocrossfire
Edited By JangoCrossfire

Great contest. I absolutely love GHOSTED.

I would definitely not want to be haunted by the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock. I love the tension in his films, but I don't think I could take it if the Master of Suspense was pulling that crap on me in my house when I'm trying to sleep.

I would love to be haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Wouldn't mind that at all.

Avatar image for kennybaese
Posted By kennybaese

I really wouldn't want to be haunted by Debra Morgan. It'd just be ghost swearing, all the time.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Damian Wayne. Little ghost scoffs would be adorable.

Avatar image for mak13131313
Posted By mak13131313

I would not want to be haunted by Joker. Because he is pure evil and he would bring all of that evil with him and that would just suck.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Batman/Bruce Wayne so he could give me investment advice and make me billions. And then I would be able to become the new Batman!

Avatar image for jkma68
Posted By jkma68

I would not want to be haunted by the ghost of Fran Drescher's career. Everything she has ever created haunts me a little having it be official would probably drive me to insanity...that voice...that laugh...following you constantly. You close your eyes and see that giant hair with the creepy Joker grin...*shiver*.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Benjamin Franklin. The dude invented the post office! I bet he's got some crazy @$$ stories. Plus I break my bifocals a lot so his insight into this problem would be priceless.

Avatar image for g_money_christmas
Edited By G_Money_Christmas

I would definitely not want to be haunted by Robert Frost. I absolutely HATE poetry and I have a feeling someone like him would love to sit beside my bed and read me poetry all throughout the night. I came to hate this man after taking a college class where we had to analyze some of his poems. I was soooooo boooorredd and I never want to be exposed to it again.

I would not mind being haunted to Jerry Siegel and/or Joe Shuster. They are arguably the creators of the modern superhero and one of my favorite characters of all time. I would love to be able to have conversations throughout the night about their experiences, how they came up with the ideas and about their whole thought processes in creating the Man of Steel who went on to start a revolution in the medium.

Or Richard Pryor. He was hilarious.

Avatar image for newhousebailey
Posted By newhousebailey

I would not want to be haunted by Abe Lincoln. I think I would always feel inferior to him and it would impact my self-esteem in a negative way. How can you compare to Lincoln?

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Mitch Hedberg. One of the true comedy greats and I feel he would do wonders for lifting my spirits.

Avatar image for allstarsuperman
Posted By AllStarSuperman

I would NOT want to be haunted by Sarah Jessica Parker. She is just horrible, annoying voice, weird squinty eye balls, and she has never made an even decent film. Well, excluding "Girls just want to have Fun", which is good.

I would want to be haunted by Grant Morrison because he is awesome. I could ask him questions, and he could probably give me some great story ideas, which I could take on over to Image *wink *wink.

Avatar image for monsterduc
Posted By monsterduc

WOULD NOT want to be haunted by "Dodge" from Locke and Key because he/she is a spooky bastard!!! (I just read the first two volumes...CREEEEEEEPY!!!)

Would want to be haunted by Elvis because the guy is SUPER EFFING COOL!!!

Avatar image for eblaze
Posted By eblaze

I would not want to be haunted by Jack Nicholson. The Shining scared me so much as a kid and I still can't/don't watch his movies because it bothers me to think about.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Dr Cox from Scrubs. He'd always pop up and seemingly bring me down, but ultimately I'd realize that he was only trying to help me be a better person.

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted By longbowhunter

Huh...I just had this same question in one of my classes this morning. I'm going to say GG Allin. The sickest, most decadent rocker of all time was a menace when he was alive. But dead he could cause trouble without consequence.

Avatar image for irondarknightx
Posted By irondarknightx

I would not want to be haunted by Delphine LaLaurie from American Horror Story: Coven. Imagine that annoying head following you around yammering all day.

Avatar image for mcbig
Posted By McBig

I wouldn't mind being haunted by ultimate Peter Parker. I think his commentary about everything would be funny and on top of that he could show me how to build web shooters.

However I'd hate to be haunted by Uncle Ben because I feel like he'd be very judgemental and always trying to get me to learn a lesson.

Avatar image for sanityisoverrated
Posted By sanityisoverrated

I think the last person I would want to be haunted by would have to be Pennywise the dancing clown. I mean who is not affraid of that clown when they are a kid? He rips kids arms off and can turn into anything that scares you. Besides he's a freaking clown!! Nothing scarier then a freaking clown. Wake up to that standing in a dark corner of your bedroom going, "They all float...and when you're down here you'll float too!" Would that not freak you the heck out? Besides we all know, clowns are EVIL!!

As for who I wouldn't mind being haunted by, I think I would have to go with the Dr. Egon Spengler. The guy is a genius and one of the founding members of the Ghostbusters. Not only that but if he were dead, and a ghost it would be pretty ironic, and I am sure he would have a whole new insight into the afterlife after passing on. Not to mention all the intelligent conversations he would be able to have not only with myself but with other ghosts of famous scientists as well.

Avatar image for jjayduarte
Posted By jjayduarte

Personally, wouldn't want to be haunted by Michael jackson. While his music was fantastic, imagine walking into your home and hearing the creepy raspy sounds of moonwalking or while laying in bed at night and random faint ghostly hee-hee. A great musician but even greater ghost.

Avatar image for roidrage11
Posted By Roidrage11

I would love to be haunted by the 9th Doctor, so he could tell me how fantastic I am.

I would like not to be haunted by Walter White because he'll probably sell me out to neo-nazis.

Avatar image for stormtrance1618
Edited By stormtrance1618

I wouldn't want to be haunted by Stephen King. I can just imagine the scares, nightmares, and images he would give you!

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Jim Varney, aka the actor who played Ernest P. Worrell in the Ernest movies. The guy is hilarious and would play many different quirky and unique characters. He'd be a blast!

Avatar image for randytoska
Posted By randytoska

I would not want to be haunted by jeffrey dahmer because i weigh 260 with just enough fat that i won't comeout dry when cooked.

Iwouldn't mind being haunted by Nelson Mandela because, well who wouldn't

Avatar image for sawcesome
Edited By Sawcesome

I'd hate to be haunted by a relative. Like, the scares and whatnot I think I could get used to, but the 24/7 judging would be brutal.

Wouldn't mind being haunted by Chewbacca, though. Awesome dude? Check. Great conversationalist? Check. Fulfill childhood dream? Major check.

Avatar image for damian_arrows
Posted By Damian_Arrows

I wouldn't want to be haunted by Pvt. William Hudson. he ruled in aliens, but his tomfoolery would become tiresome after a while. dealing with this bozo and his "GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER" BS, after the humiliation of getting slaughtered by another player in an online game, would drive me up a wall. not to mention, all of the various devilish pranks he'd try to pull.

I'd be okay with Howard Hughes popping in to say hello every once in a while. as long as he was the eccentric billionaire, philanthropist, business mogul, film maker, aviator type of spirit, instead of being a reclusive, obsessive, paranoid apparition. he would still have to have his wits about him. a sizable amount of knowledge can be gained from that kind of experience.

Avatar image for oy_the_billy_bumbler
Posted By Oy_the_Billy_Bumbler

I would hate to be haunted by Darth Vader. That breathing would get so old. Go become one with the force already and leave me alone!

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Stan Lee. Oh wait, he's still alive? He's going to keep doing awesome cameos in movies at this age? Didn't he write Fantastic Four in the 1800's with a quill and a jar of ink or something? He must take vitamins.

Avatar image for redhoodflashlantern
Edited By RedhoodFlashLantern

I would not want to be Haunted by Ann Nocenti because anything she touches or writes about is garbage and i feel her being in my head with her awful ideas would drive me crazy.

I would like to be Haunted by Kevin Hart Because i like to laugh and he cracks me up and i think that we could have a blast messing with people.

Avatar image for tobenracicot
Edited By TobenRacicot

I would not want to be haunted by Shirley Temple. That would be horrible. I mean i try to be a happy person but i feel that if she was around it would force me to be this super happy happy guy.

I would love to be haunted by Elvis Presley. He would help me get all the chicks.

Avatar image for woz3323
Edited By woz3323

It kind of creeps me out to be haunted by anyone/anything. Lots of good answers above being afraid of people's careers or finding out people were not dead yet - although, that could be a haunting experience.

If I had to pick, I would pick to be haunted by someone historical like George Washington. I could at least sell tickets or something else to profit off the burden I had to face. An eternity of haunting can't be that long, can it?

For who I would hate to be haunted by would be Vigo from Ghostbusters 2. He is a jerk and that slime all over everything would get to me. It was a nice painting, though.

Avatar image for Iceslick
Edited By iceslick

I wouldn't mind be haunted by Nightcrawler because then he would teleport me anywhere I want or need to go unless he teleports me somewhere I didn't want to go then maybe I would mind. lol

Professor X or Jean Grey I probably would mind being haunted the most because they could read my mind all the time and know my every thought of trying to get away from them or as for Jean Grey she would use her telekinesis to turn my body or anything against me or even worst turn into a terrifying Phoenix! lol

Avatar image for queso6p4
Posted By Queso6p4

@jkma68 said:

I would not want to be haunted by the ghost of Fran Drescher's career. Everything she has ever created haunts me a little having it be official would probably drive me to insanity...that voice...that laugh...following you constantly. You close your eyes and see that giant hair with the creepy Joker grin...*shiver*.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Benjamin Franklin. The dude invented the post office! I bet he's got some crazy @$$ stories. Plus I break my bifocals a lot so his insight into this problem would be priceless.

This had me cracking up.

WOULD NOT want to be haunted by "Dodge" from Locke and Key because he/she is a spooky bastard!!! (I just read the first two volumes...CREEEEEEEPY!!!)

Would want to be haunted by Elvis because the guy is SUPER EFFING COOL!!!

Just wait. He gets even better in how horrible he is. Good stuff.

I would want to be haunted by Georg Carlin as he was hilarious and a lot of his routines really resonated with me. He'd give on point criticism that would be much easier to digest when put in a funny way.

As much as I love the character, I wouldn't want to be haunted by the Emperor as he'd surely use me with his subtle machinations and/or try to possess me. Not cool, but expected.

Avatar image for darrellwoodward01
Posted By darrellwoodward01

I would not want to be haunted by jack the ripper . but would like to be haunted by bettie page

Avatar image for ddangelico
Posted By DDangelico

I would not want to be haunted by Andrew Jackson, because I just read a book about him and he seemed to be a total tool.

I would want to be haunted by my Grandfather, simply because I miss him.

Avatar image for parkerozgood
Edited By parkerozgood

I would not want to be haunted by Sinbad. The comedian or the Pirate. I feel the Comedian would be way worse to be haunted by. I can imagine sleepless nights of non stop mediocre stand Up.

I would like to be haunted Marilyn Monroe. I could handle a blown up dress way better than terrible stand up!

Avatar image for keroga
Posted By KEROGA

I would love to be haunted by SHERLOCK HOLMES! His abilities to analyze and figure things out would make my life easier. Plus I feel that his need to solve crime and not be bored would hightail my life into gear; making my life an adventure no matter the mystery or problem! Plus he could always teach me facts and techniques to be a great detective.

I would hate to be haunted by RICHARD SIMMONS! I like to chill and relax a lot and I think Richard would just nag at me all the time to exercise. Plus he would always force me to eat vegetable.

Avatar image for dead_again
Posted By dead_again

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Joe Kubert as I feel I would learn much from him in the ways of art.

I would not like to be haunted by Paul Walker....... too soon?

Avatar image for dataswipe
Edited By dataswipe

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,

Over many ghost who were curious and do volume of gore.

While I nodded, nearly napping, pondering and wondering

As of some ghost gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

For it’s Casper the gentle ghost, `tapping at my chamber door -

Only this, and nothing more.'

Ah, distinctly I remember an entity bleak that makes me shudder,

And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

Eagerly he sheath his claws, vainly it made me harrow;

I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow

From my books surcease of sorrow – horror for the Freddy Krugger -

For the rare and horrific men whom the angels even most fear -

Nameless here for evermore.

Avatar image for 2chimcha3
Posted By 2chimcha3

I would not want to be haunted by Edgar Allen Poe. Just no. I'd rather keep my sanity.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Ted Kord (is he still considered dead?). He such a cool, nice, and smart guy. He'd help me get through a lot of things without stressing me out.

Avatar image for smith0725
Edited By smith0725

I would like to be haunted by Hellboy (he is technically dead, right?) because he is a mellow introvert who just wants to be left along and generally goes with the flow. I think we would probably get along, and it would be the most low-key haunting ever; We could drink and smoke cigars.

I would not like to be haunted by God (from the Preacher series) because he is such a passive-agressive wuss. I mean, he is the most powerful being in the universe, uses his power selfishly, and then just quits because of a little healthy competition from Genesis. He obviously has little advice to offer anyone.

P.S.- Just gotta say, as far as the contest go, I'm reading A LOT of entries with not dead people in them.

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Edited By gmanfromheck