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Contest: Win 'Game of Thrones' Funko Legacy Action Figures

Find out how you can win a couple figures.

The most recent season of Game of Thrones recently ended. To try to help you as you await the next, HBO is offering you a chance to win a couple of the figures from the Funko Legacy action figure line.

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We have the Hound and a White Walker to send your way, as long as you live in the United States of course. Sorry, that's the way the laws work.

The figures, and more, are available directly from HBO's online store. Be sure to check that out.

How can you win?

We'll make this easy. All you have to do is tell us, in a few sentences, who your favorite Game of Thrones character is and why. Be sure you explain with more than just "Because he/she is cool." A winner will be chosen at random. The contest is open from now until Wednesday, June 25, at midnight PT.

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Good luck. Be sure to check out HBO's online store if you're interested in these or more.

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Posted By GODofART

dang i missed it~!

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Posted By magnablue

too late. Although I've never seen game of thrones. I should watch it though

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Edited By gmanfromheck

Eep! I thought I posted this last week! The winner through a random drawing is


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Posted By mig2273

Tyrion Lanister. He's a survivor. He will be the last man standing at the end of Game of Thrones.

Avatar image for hovik57
Posted By hovik57

The hound because he is badass, he speaks the truth no matter what anyone else says and he is really smart and funny.

Avatar image for markuz31
Posted By Markuz31

My favorite character has got to be The Hound!! I didn't like him too much at first, but he grew on me. I began to like how gritty and brutal he was and what made it even better was he is hilarious lol. Ultimately those were the 3 things that made me enjoy The Hound, he brings something that the other characters don't really bring to the table and has became my favorite in doing so, plus I find myself chuckling every time I hear "F*ck the king!" Haha cheers to The Hound!!

Avatar image for darthmat
Posted By Darthmat

Mirri Maz Duur, because she speaks in an epic fashion and took vengeance for her people in a deceptive and effective manner.

Avatar image for kaylie
Posted By kaylie

My favorite character is Daenerys. I love dragons and appreciate her inner turmoil in having to chain them. I appreciate how hard she is trying to do the right thing and to be a good leader, despite having no experience in leading. My favorite male character is Tyrion. He's extremely intelligent, witty, and good-looking.

Avatar image for alkusanagi
Posted By AlKusanagi

Arya, by far. Sure, she's a vengance-fueled mini murder machine that will most likely meet a bad end if she can't let her vendettas go, but she's talking everything the world can throw at her and is still surviving. Plus, Masie Williams' awesome performance has elevated her from my favorite character in the novels, to one of my favorite characters in all of fiction.

Avatar image for imsounhodd
Edited By ImSoUnhodd

My favorite Game of Thrones character is (WAS) Oberyn Martell! I loved Oberyn because he stood up for what he thought was right. He wanted so badly to get revenge for his sister by killing The Mountain, but his cockiness got the best of him and he may have got his head smashed in a bit. I hated to see him go but he tried to help!

Avatar image for fallen_crippled
Posted By Fallen_Crippled

My favorite Game of Thrones character is Arya Stark. Before the wars and the many deaths of her friends and family, Arya knew what her true passion was. She didn't want to knit or do any of the typical girl stuff that Sansa did. She wanted to fight. She has remained a strong and self-determined character. She watched her father's beheading. She was mere seconds from meeting her brother and mother before they were killed. She was told of her Aunt Lysa's recent death (and laughed). While most of this would drive an ordinary person crazy, Arya has used these deaths as fuel to continue seeking revenge. Before she goes to sleep, she says the names of the people she wants dead. It appeared that she grew close with The Hound, but he was on her list. While he was on the brink of death, he begged for her to kill him. However, he killed her friend (the butcher's boy). Arya decided to let him suffer. Don't let her size fool you. She is relentless to those who deserve it, but still manages to have a heart of gold.

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Posted By Transformers1024

Wow, there's A LOT of new users in this thread..

Avatar image for sawyerkaplan_

My favorite Game of Thrones character would be Sansa Stark ( which I am surprised to see not many people feel the same) because she has always been a shy and quiet character until former King Joffrey completely tortured her not just physically but mentally by murdering her father in front of her and having a hand in the death of one of her brothers, mother, and newly stepsister she was pregnant. Not to mention how she is little fingers only weakness which means that she could manipulate little finger just like little finger did to almost everyone at King's Landing and The Vale.

Avatar image for flightace
Posted By Flightace

I admit I have not read any of the books, so my opinion comes from just watching the tv series. So far I would have to say that Olenna Tyrell would be a personal favorite. Witty, dignified, plotting, and wise are just a few of the traits that make her unique. In a way, she reminds me of my grandmother; teaching, protecting, and fortifying with complex foresight.

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Avatar image for shaungrebes
Avatar image for nappystr8
Edited By nappystr8

My favorite is Little Finger. In a world where morals are loose, and nobility gets you killed, he is an expert at playing the odds. He's not a high born man, but he's making his way up the ranks with nothing but his mind. Sure, he betrayed Ned Stark, but he pretty much explicitly told Ned Stark to never trust him, so Ned had it coming. Also doesn't hurt that he is played by a The Wire alumnus.

As far as the figures go, they are really cool. I saw them advertised in comics and was surprised to see that Funko had made them. I didn't think they worked with realistic figures.

Avatar image for kei_vermillion
Posted By kei_vermillion

The Hound (Sandor Clegane); he make look rough and has served less then noble people in his life but on the inside somewhere is still that child that was burned when he was young. That "him" is his motivating force for never being weak. When he was with Arya it felt to me at least he could be both that strong iron willed man that people fear and for the first time in possibly his whole life the softer person that wanted love and to look over someone else. He'd be the best dad EVER.

Avatar image for super_soldierxii
Posted By Super_SoldierXII

Jon Snow and Tyrion for me.

Ned Stark was an instant classic. As upright as they come. And Jon Snow, the "bastard" son, took all of the good bits and ran with it, keeping good ole Ned alive in act and deed, if not name.

Aside from the story being top notch, the actors are all f'n fantastic but few more so than Peter Dinklage (who probably had to grow a healthy sense of humor and strength of character growing up with a compromising name like that). Tyrion is just so full of wit and win it's impossible not to root for him. Despite the sardonic, jaded cunning and guile, he manages to keep his heart open and give a shite in a world gone to hell in a hand basket.

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Posted By Madgunner25

My favorite character is by far Jaime Lannister, "The Kingslayer". When first shown the character in the novels and TV show you instantly hate him for shoving Bran out a window (also some would not like that he sleeps with his sister, plus he killed the previous king). But you don't really get to learn about his character until he is with Brienne. The dynamic the two shared was something amazing. To have Jaime go from wanting Brienne dead to putting his own life at risk to save his life shows the evolution of his character. He is seen a traitor in the eyes of many for murdering the king he was sworn to protect, but as he tells his story to Brienne you learn what at first may have been seen as a heinous deed now becomes more complex. From his view the action he took seemed like a small evil that would lead to greater good, though others may not see it that way. When he returned to King's Landing he could have chose not to fulfill his promise to Catelyn (since she was now dead and Robb's conquest was at an end) but he still kept to his word. Then he went against the law to save his brother from execution. You may think him an evil person for his actions but he helps the ones he cares for and always pays his debts. The thing that makes A song of ice and fire great is that you can be presented a character that seems to have no redeeming qualities at first but then as you get to know them you can begin to understand them and see that not all things are black and white (Though that didn't apply to Joffrey). I really have to hand it to Jaime Lannister (ha ha get it, hand it) though he is not a perfect man, he always does what he thinks is right.

Avatar image for lordcommander998
Edited By LordCommander998

Sandor " Don't ever call me Ser " Clegane!

He hates his brother soooo much, that they worked it into his fight with Brienne. Can't wait to see the Gravedigger vs. Ser Robert Strong fight. What is going to be badass is that Sandor will finally get his very own Valyrian Steel sword called " Widow's Wail " from Tommen so that he can champion Margery and kill his mother Cersei.

Think back to when Sansa sung him " Mother's Mercy " that night at the Blackwater and everything will make sense...

Avatar image for protoflash
Posted By Protoflash

My favorite game of thrones character HAS to be pod rick. Mostly because he's just a delight whenever he is around. Whether its on a road trip with brine of earth, or giving tyrion his money back for hookers. He's also probably the closest thing to innocent that you can get in the Game of Thrones. At least after this latest season

Avatar image for mightypug78
Posted By mightypug78

Mines the Imp. Charasmatic and brilliant.Whats not to like. Be cool to see him on the iron throne but that won't probably happen.

Avatar image for gerg
Edited By Gerg

My favorite character is definitely Tyrion Lannister. He is an incredibly smart BAMF and is often the voice of reason and logic on the show.

Avatar image for roxxstar
Edited By Roxxstar

I'll go with Arya, though there are tons of great characters. She just keeps surviving some crazy crap, all the while learning all about the underlying nastiness of the world that is so far from her life in the castle.Also, not sure if it's in the book, but how she just left the Hound to die after taking his money.

Avatar image for myyrhdsyn
Posted By myyrhdsyn

Tyrion, if you actually read the book's you would realize how intrical to the wholoe series he is, and how if it was not for him half the whole story would make no sense. Also the fact that he has the great ability to let alot of stuff just roll off of his back like water off of a duck. ;)

Avatar image for jasonp80
Edited By Jasonp80

My favorite character is Jon Snow. The reason I am so enamored with this character is because he has a sense of honor. In a world full of dragons, death, betrayal, and military coups Jon is able to keep a level head and treat people with respect. He swallows his pride, he leads his brothers of the Night Watch (mostly by example), and he is dedicated to the oaths he swore (save for cave sex... but who could blame him?).

His attitude and personality mirrors his father Ned. Out of all of Ned Stark's children I believe Jon Snow has let his father's lessons sink in. He always does the right thing even when it is hard while other characters would take the easy way out. He is not afraid to die and he is true to his nature. I believe his success so far in the series is credited to the fact that he is like a sponge. He sops up everything people teach him and he applies those lessons when necessary. He learns that sometimes you have to fight dirty to achieve your goals but he doesn't resort to fighting dirty as a precedent. He has such a suave aura surrounding him that people watching the show are surely aspiring to be more like him.

Jon Snow is the only character fitted to rule but what makes him so interesting is that he cares not for the throne. He is a man of brotherhood, honor, and decency. He would gladly die to protect others even though they will never know he died protecting them.

And to be completely honest he has Ghost which solidifies Jon Snow's badassery.

Avatar image for mksystem74
Posted By mksystem74

Jaqen H'Ghar. His actions, the way he speaks and the code he lives by. I will admit that I liked the actor who portrayed him in the show and the changed they made which lead to me liking him a lot more.

Avatar image for lana756
Posted By lana756

Walder Frey because I always like the villians. Plus, he did mastermind the Red Wedding.

Avatar image for double_o_slevin
Posted By Double_O_Slevin

Ned Stark. I've always been a Sean Bean. I think he's a great, and sadly, under-rated, actor. As for the character, in a world like that, having someone who cares more about family and honor than being King and doing things he knows are wrong. Very admirable.

Avatar image for cian21
Posted By cian21

Arya. At the beginning of the series, both book and TV series, she obviously physically looks like just a pre-teen girl. Although later, her true personality is revealed. She is in fact brave, smart and tough. ****SPOILERS**** Half of her family were murdered and though she may be hurt inside, she doesn't show it in slightness which makes her awesome. She's young and courageous!

Avatar image for xtigerz
Posted By xtigerz

My Favorite Character of Game of Thrones is Jon Snow. He don't take sh*t from no one and he is a total bad ass!

Avatar image for rainheart
Posted By rainheart

Brienne of Tarth. She's one badass woman, has values that she lives by and most importantly, keeps her vows. Love her! And Gwendoline Christie is absolutely perfect to play her.

Avatar image for squintyboy
Posted By squintyboy

tyrion super smart

Avatar image for the_tree
Posted By the_tree

Jon Snow. Throughout the series, many characters have been corrupted, whether it be in a bid for survival or because they are weak willed-- but not Jon. In a world of evil and darkness, Jon's one of the few constant goods. He has remained unconquerable, with his morals, sense of honor and duty still intact. And that is refreshing-- that is why I like him.

P.S. He's also a badass.

Avatar image for cbarrows
Posted By CBarrows

It's difficult to choose between Arya Stark and Tyrion. Ultimately, I have to go with Arya - she comes from a family that's been through hell and back and against all odds, has remained the strongest. She doesn't believe in quitting and she's willing to fight for her friends (but don't cross her). What's not to like?

I should add that her relationship with the Hound (esp. considering his feelings/relationship with Sansa Stark) is one of the most interesting in the show/book.

Avatar image for mig2273
Posted By mig2273

My favorite character is Tyrion, basically because he's the little guy, and a surviver. No one expects much from him yet, he's smart and cunning. He survives when he's not expected to.

Avatar image for ohanaman
Posted By ohanaman

Am Canadian so ineligible. However I'd be interested in a Ned Stark (with removable head ...of course.) ;)

Avatar image for mrmazz
Posted By MrMazz

Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger - For his Chaso is a Ladder monologe silly as it was in the context of the episode, it opitimises Baelisha and his single minded pursuit of everything and one person. He is the romantic hero the audience would normally root for but twisted into a pursuer of idealsim for world where love can overcome strength and power. In another world he'd of been the hero but he is the villian.

Avatar image for the_impersonator
Posted By The Impersonator

Awesome. I would like to see more.

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Edited By sanityisoverrated

Who is my favorite Game of Thrones character? That is a really tough choice, for one the books and the series like to kill off really great characters right when you get used to them. And seeing as how I have read all the books multiple times and seen all the episodes multiple times, it is fair to say that I am fairly attached to several characters in the series. But my favorite above the others would have to Daenerys Targaryen. Why is she my favorite? Well besides the fact that she is one of the most beautiful women in all the realms whether in Westeros or Essos, it is what Danny (As she is affectionately known by her fans) has come to represent that makes her incredible. In the books Danny is a really just a teenage girl who has gone through more hardship in her lifetime then most of us can understand. First her father was an insane king, and her brother Viserys seemed to also inherit his father's insanity. Not only that, but she had to flee as a child to a land that was not her own and live in exile. Also she was basically sold into marriage by her brother in order for him to obtain an army to take back to Westeros in order to defeat the "usurper" king. She did not really have an idea of herself worth at the time and saw herself as an object. But slowly, through her relationship and marriage to Khal Drogo, Danny began to see that she was more than just an object to be bartered for, and she began to grow into a strong and confident woman. Finally she stood up to her brother, and became the Khalessi that the reader knew she was. But again hardship reared its ugly head into Danny's life when she was betrayed by a witch and lost the lives of both her unborn son and her husband basically became a vegetable. She made hard choices, choices that many of us would balk at, but she did it for the betterment of her people and that is just in season one.

Lets not forget that Danny is also the mother of freakin' dragons. In the world that these characters inhabit, dragons have been extinct for a couple centuries, and here she is, walking into her husband's funeral pyre and coming out not only unscathed, but with three dragons. No wonder people flock to her, no wonder people follow such a dynamic leader. Even into the dessert people followed her. To the slave cities of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen they followed her. Through her actions she has become the breaker of chains, the symbol of freedom to many. They call her mother and with good reason. To people who for generations know nothing but bondage and suffering, for a high born woman to come in and tell them that they no longer have to follow the whims of their masters, that they can throw off their collars and fight for their very existence, its a very powerful image. The fact that she can inspire so many is incredible. In a world where back stabbing and betrayal is an everyday occurrence is reassuring. Danny has had several opportunities to leave Essos, but she remains, because those are her people now. As she calls them, her children. Frankly there is no better source of hono, dignity or freedom in all the books of A Song of Ice and Fire then Daenerys. She has wandered away from the image of her mad father Aerys, she has taken an incredible journey of not only becoming the queen of the people, but also self discovery, and we rejoice in her discovery of herself. With characters like Cersei, and Melisandre in the series Danny is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention that Emilia Clarke does an incredible job of portraying Daenerys as well, there is no one else I can see bringing this character to life like she does, no one who can embody all the things that Daenerys represents like she does. So while I could have chosen Tyrion or Jon Snow as my favorites and given just as good reasons, I think that Daenerys goes a bit beyond what they do and really gives the reader and the audience a positive character they can rely on. Lets just hope that George R. R. Martin keeps her around for a while, cause I have a feeling if he doesn't, then he would have a lot of angry fans on his hands.

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Edited By longbowhunter

So many great characters. My favorite this season has probably been Lord Baelish. I'm a brains over brawn guy and Littlefinger is one of the smartest people in Westeros. He reminds me of a less frantic, more sly Giaus Baltar from BSG. But still every bit as handsome. Plus he was responsible for the deaths of two characters we all despised. Kudos to Peter!

Avatar image for roidrage11
Posted By Roidrage11

It has to be Khal Drogo of course. Do you know anybody else who can rip up a dude's throat with his bare hands? And if that isn't cool enough for you, how about pouring melted gold on someone's head.

Avatar image for analogaddiction
Posted By AnalogAddiction

Arya Stark. She's pretty much the bravest character there next to Brienne and uses her wit more than anything to stay alive. Where everyone else failed is that they failed to understand the concept of survival, she gets that and hasn't looked back to a life that has nothing left to offer her.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

Damn the law!