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Comic Vine Question of the Week Results: Favorite Mark Millar Story

Civil War? Kick-Ass? Superman: Red Son? The Ultimates? Old Man Logan? Come find out which story the CV community loves the most!

With the return of KICK-ASS and the premiere of JUPITER'S LEGACY, Mark Millar is proving his work with Fox's Marvel movie properties cannot keep him away from the comic book world. And while we're thrilled to see the return of KICK-ASS and enjoyed the start of JUPITER'S LEGACY, we wanted to reflect on the writer's history of tales. The community had two days to vote and one story soared above the competition: SUPERMAN: RED SON.

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I honestly thought the race would be much closer than this, but it's understandable why the tale of Kal-El landing in Russia instead of the United States won. Not only is it widely regarded as one of Millar's best stories, but it's often called one of the must read Superman storylines, too. Plus, it's impossible not to love Red Son Batman and the ending is quite a jaw-dropper. That said, my vote went to THE ULTIMATES. I think the new approach to Marvel's biggest team was brilliant and is without question one of my favorite reads. Check out the poll results below and be sure to post which is your favorite and why!

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