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Comic Vine News 5/10/10 (Recorded Live)

We bring you the news a bit differently this week...

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Every Monday we take a look at all the major stories from the previous week and shoot a video highlighting them for you in our news segment. Recently, we started streaming the podcast live, but after some consideration and technical difficulties we quickly realized that UStream didn't always like cooperating with us on Friday mornings. We know you guys really enjoyed the live streaming aspect of the Friday show, however so we decided to run a little test. This week we bring you the Comic Vine news slightly differently by shooting it live and allowing you (the community) to interact with one another while we filmed. Personally, I really enjoyed it and had a good time so hopefully you guys will enjoy the recap as much as we enjoyed filming. The cool thing about it all is that I get to embarrass myself on camera and I can't edit the news! That's right, more laughs for you! This week we covered a variety of last week's big topics, from the massive success of Iron Man 2's first week at the box office to the FBI's shut down of HTML Comics. We covered a lot of ground so check out the footage from this week's show below. 
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