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Comic Vine is Merging with GameSpot

You probably won't notice many changes.

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Hey there,

As of today, will become How will this affect you? Probably not much!

  • Your forum posts, blog posts, reviews, and other content will all still exist. Links to the old URLs will automatically redirect to the new URLs, so this shouldn't break any links elsewhere.

  • The wiki will continue to exist as the largest repository of comic information on the net, and we'll also be able to bring some new resources to bear on improving the editing experience.This should solve some of the wiki’s biggest problems, especially the inability to edit very long/large pages like the Spider-Man page. We will have a public beta of some of these changes ready soon, and you can get a sneak peek at this here!

  • The community rules and moderation staff will remain the same, and GameSpot moderators will not be interfering with Comic Vine (and vice-versa). Keep on doing what you do.

  • There’ll be more resources available for content via partnering with GameSpot, including more video content (like 13 Things You Should Know About Deadpool). We’ll be covering a broader range of entertainment news between the two sites.

  • We’ll continue to cover the latest comic book and comic-related news as well as attending the major comic conventions including New York Toy Fair this weekend and Long Beach Comic Expo the following week.

  • If you are a paying premium subscriber, your subscription will continue to renew as normal, but you will need to go to in order to make any adjustments it

In the end, this shouldn’t affect many of you other than having a new URL in your address bar when you come to the site. You will have to go through a quick account migration process once you sign in for the first time, but for the vast majority of you, this should be a painless process. Please feel free to email us at if any intractable problems arise.