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Comic Vine Community Star: Killer Z

Tigra's biggest fan takes home this week's Community Star!

With a whopping 270,792 total wiki points, Killer Z has more than earned his spot as one of Comic Vine's top contributors. Killer Z garnered 15,583 points on Tigra's page alone, which is crazy...he's managed to stay in the thousands. He's edited some of Comic Vine's most important pages as well, gaining 6,582 total points on the Lady Death page, 5,361 points on the Cheetah page, and 2,636 points on the Spider-Man page.

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Killer Z hasn't just contributed a crazy amount of content to our wiki pages, however, he's done much more than that. Z spends a lot of his free time on the site keeping our forums and blogs free of spammers, so if you don't see any it's probably because he's cleaned them up for us.

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Have you ever checked out any of Killer Z's blogs? Not only does he draw some attention to some often underrated and overlooked characters in comics in his blogs, but he argues in their defense so well that you'll walk away looking at them in an entirely new light. Take for example his blog dedicated to Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman's biggest adversaries. Killer Z backs Cheetah up, citing instances where Cheetah is seen as a formidable opponent to Wonder Woman. Not only does he verbalize examples, he cites instances using scans from a variety of comics. One example dates as far back as Cheetah's very first appearance in Wonder Woman #9.

Killer Z has done so much for the site that not giving him his turn in the spotlight would be terrible of us. Be sure to check check out his page and leave him a comment on his wall. If you get a chance, you should also read his blogs, they are very cool! Congratulations, Killer Z, you've earned it!