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Comic Vine Battle of the Week Results: Predator vs. Boba Fett

Bounty hunter vs. alien hunter. Come see who the Comic Vine community and writer Tom Taylor thinks would win this encounter!

This week, two titans from the sci-fi genre faced off in a battle of blasters and blades. Let's be honest, both characters don't exactly have the most favorable showings when it comes to the films. However, once we dive into the expanded universe, we see why these characters deserve both our fear and respect. The Comic Vine community had all week to debate and vote on a winner and the answer is clear: they think Predator will add Boba Fett's skull to his trophy collection.

Image by DeviantART's rhymesyndicate
Image by DeviantART's rhymesyndicate

48% side with the deadly Yautja and 44% were fans of the Fett until the very end. 8% think it's too close to call, and I gotta admit, I'm BARELY siding with the 48% on this one. Predator has the physical edge (strength, speed, pain tolerance) and cloaking could prove to be an immediate wildcard. The opportunity to connect first with one of his weapons could be a much required edge. The plethora of gear they tend to bring to the table would be a formidable obstacle too, even for Fett's very durable Mandalorian armor.

That said, I've seen Fettt overcome a variety of obstacles with his wits and wealthy amount of technology at his disposal before, so one simple moment of arrogance from the Predator could ultimately lead to its downfall and that's definitely worth factoring in as well. Overall though, I think the Predator's physicals and a few key pieces of technology could be huge factors and do warrant a slight edge. I by no means think it would be an easy victory and Fett's mentality and own impressive arsenal should absolutely not be overlooked, either. Regardless of who's left standing, I'm sure the victor isn't going to walk away in serious need of medical attention and this definitely has the potential to be an epic encounter. I can't help but wonder why Dark Horse never made this happen.

Viner Argument of the Week in favor of Predator is by Jwalser3

"I really like this battle. Both are very cool, but the Predator is packing more. While Boba's armor gives him the edge in armor, the Predator species is naturally durable. In Predator, the Jungle Hunter was tanking point blank explosive arrows shot by Dutch. In Predator 2 the City Hunter tanked 7 shot gun blasts to the chest. Not to mention the novels, comics, and games, all showing similar feats.

When it comes to combat speed Predators have it, Boba's jetback will make him faster. But it won't help with his reaction time. Predators have been stated to easily dodge bullets.

Strength is no contest here. Predators have been able to break bone, tear off heads, bust open steel doors, etc. in movies, and comics. I don't recall Boba having any strength feats on par with any Predator.

Both have great weaponry, the Predator's plasma caster. Boba's jetback. But the big game changer is the Predator's cloaking. This will give it the advantage it needs to get the drop on Boba. But the destruct capabilities of the plasma caster is insane. They've been shown to destroy military helicopters, small transport ships, and easily turn humans to Swiss cheese. I know Boba's E3 blaster can complete disintegrate some one, but the plasma caster shows better explosive power.

This is a great fight no doubt, but the Predator has a slight edge in weapons and completely stomps in the stats department. Both are bad ass, but I just hope people read the arguments and not go on who is more cool."

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"Boba Fett versus Predator? No contest. Fett was directly responsible for the end of Luke's training. Fett captured Han Solo and even managed to get the emotionally stunted smuggler to admit he loved Leia... kinda. If Vader and his troops had have been more competent when Fett led them to Cloud City, the rebellion could have been over right there. If not for Fett's actions, Luke's daddy issues never would have advanced. If Boba Fett had have been in Greedo's shoes, he would have shot first, second and third. Predator couldn't even deal with Kindergarten Cop when he got a bit muddy."

Last but certainly not least, here's a tease for next week's battle! It'll go live on the homepage Monday morning, so be sure to check back then.

Start researching, ladies and gentlemen!
Start researching, ladies and gentlemen!

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