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Comic Vine Battle of the Week Results: Marvel vs DC Paintball

The paintball match has ended and only one team is left standing. Come see which side claimed the victory and why! Plus, there's a hint for next week's battle.

There's always been a rivalry between DC and Marvel, and this week, we thought we'd settle it with game of paintball. We took four characters from each publisher who are known for their skills with pistols and tossed them into a forest for what could possibly be the best game of paintball ever. The community had all week to think about how it would play out and now all of the votes are in. Sorry, team DC, but it looks like the community is siding with Marvel on this one.

We all know Punisher and Bullseye would go at it once the team deathmatch was over.
We all know Punisher and Bullseye would go at it once the team deathmatch was over.

Luckily, it wasn't a total slaughter. Marvel's team (pictured above) earned 59% of the votes, while DC's team (Red Hood, Deadshot, Hush, Jonah Hex) received 36%. 5% thought this one was just too close to call and has the potential to go either way.

With a scenario like this one and with so many players involved, a case really can be made for either side. That said, I get why Marvel earned more votes. Bucky and Black Widow -- while both formidable in their own right -- will likely use teamwork. Meanwhile, Punisher's well-balanced and Bullseye is without question the MVP on his team when it comes to accuracy. Not only can each character hold their own, but each are very talented in hand-to-hand combat as well. The biggest downfall here could be Lester's arrogance. He has a tendency to play with his food from time to time instead of just going for the kill. He loves a challenge, and playing with someone like Deadshot instead of eliminating him right away could be a critical mistake.

Team DC is more prone to split off and have an "every man for himself" mentality. Hex is obviously a fantastic shot and has great reflexes with drawing his weapon, but he's a tad out of his element here. Yes, he's a great hunter, but against someone as stealthy like Widow or Bucky, that could spell game over for him. Like Punisher, Jason Todd's well-rounded (though more agile than Frank) and no matter who encounters him, odds are they'll have a tough time. Deadshot's close combat skills won't last long against someone skilled (unless they underestimate him, that is), but at a distance, he's disputably the deadliest one here. Unlike his encounters with Batman, he'll have no gripe putting a paintball right on someone's forehead if they cross his sights. He may not be the most agile of the group, but he's no slouch in that regard, either, and has dodged gunmen numerous times. But again, he'll likely be flying solo and if engaged in close range, it could be his downfall. Meanwhile, Hush is well-rounded just like Frank and Todd, though there's nothing to imply he'd be the MVP or easily defeated, either. His accuracy and hand-to-hand abilities are solid and he's a good tactician, though I don't view him as a major variable in this one. At best, he's likely going to keep an enemy occupied for some time, and then it's all up to how the other matches play out. When there's so many variables and skilled characters involved, anything could help turn the tide.

Maybe next time, DC.
Maybe next time, DC.

Viner Argument of the Week for team Marvel is by Cap10nate

"I'm going to go with Marvel with this one. Three of the team are top assassins with Bucky, Natasha, and Bullseye. Three have military experience with Bucky, Natasha, and Frank. Natasha has been practicing her stealth skills for more than 70 years and has shown the repeated ability to dodge bullets. Bucky has the skills to shoot arrows and batons that are coming at him from Hawkeye and Daredevil respectively. Bullseye has shown the ability to hit anything with just about anything.

DC has a lot of great talent too with Deadshot battling out for the top spot with Bullseye. Hex has a lot of ability, but I don't think he has the agility to dodge some of these top shots from Marvel. Jason and Hush will be hard to track down, but I think Bucky and Natasha has them beat in agility and matched if not beaten in accuracy."

Hush takes paintball very seriously.
Hush takes paintball very seriously.

A teaser image would have made next week's battle beyond obvious, so instead I'll just drop one hint: it's the first battle between ANIMATED characters! Let the guessing games begin, friends. Check back Monday to see who'll be next!

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