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Comic Vine Battle of the Week Results: Marvel vs. DC Dodgeball

Did Cap or Batman's team win? Or... was it a stalemate?! Come find out and see solid arguments presented for both sides!

The latest scenario, a fun 4v4 game of dodbeball between Marvel and DC, was an insanely close race! For the longest time, the poll was actually tied. One team would take a minor edge every now and then, but it would always bump back to even. So, do we have our second battle which is simply too close to call? Unfortunately for team DC, no. At the last minute, Marvel took a bit of an edge, earning the very slim majority out of 415 votes.

Best use of MS Paint yet, right?!
Best use of MS Paint yet, right?!

Captain America, Hawkeye, Elektra and Deadpool are walking away as winners after this epic and intense game, taking 45% of the votes. Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn gave it their all and victory was just barely out of their reach as they received 44% of the votes. An understandable 11% said this is too close to call. This was so close because, ultimately, it boiled down to physicals against teamwork (for the most part, that is). While Captain America is disputably the MVP (thanks to his physicals, sheer amount of accuracy/ricochet feats and tactical mind) and would by no measure be easy to eliminate, Batman and Nightwing's years of chemistry and teamwork simply can't be ignored, either. It's for that reason I think this has the potential to go either way, but alas, the people have spoken and team Marvel wins!

There were a lot of great posts for this battle and this week we're highlighting a concise argument for Marvel from the Viner, thevagrantking.

"I think this match goes to Captain America, as much as I dislike the guy. Everyone else, sure, they're factors, but this is Cap's GAME. Throwing objects that ricochet to hit targets, and he's allowed to BLOCK using said objects to defend himself? And the opposing team is going to throw those objects back at him? He's got the best physicals, a teammate who he's worked with extensively (Hawkeye), and the DC squad is a team that relies a -little- too much on sneaky tactics. Every time someone throws a ball at Cap, there's going to be that ball deflected right back at them, and then a second that's been bounced off two walls and a light fixture to be coming right behind you.

Cap playing dodgeball is like facing Bullseye in target practice. It's just his game."

Seeing as it was so close, here's a key argument for team DC from the Viner, CitizenBane.

"No one here has any kind of dodging advantage over anyone. Dodging bullets on a regular basis means dodging balls isn't going to be hard. The key to winning isn't just dodging, throwing and hoping for a lucky break; it's going to be the ability to maneuver and create opportunities to knock people out. It's why putting Batman and Nightwing on the same team gives an edge to the DC team, because they have the advantage of years of experience and familiarity with each other's moves on their side. I'm not talking about how Batman knows Ollie's routines since they've worked together or how Cap knows Hawkeye's routines for the same reason. I'm talking about how Bruce and Dick honed their skills together, practicing co-operative dodges and strikes a thousand times a day, day in and day out for years until they instinctively knew how their partner would react to a situation and how to turn a disadvantage into a commanding position.

Their tactics and routines, and focus at pulling off those routines rare more ingrained than anyone else in this competition. Elektra throws a ball at Nightwing, but she hasn't just thrown a ball at Nightwing, she's given Batman the opening to strike her. Cap throws a ball at Batman and he'll redirect so Nightwing can spike it at his face, and no one ever sees it coming because the Duo's been doing these tricks until they became second nature. It gives them a pretty serious advantage if you ask me, enough that the duo could knock out two or three contenders on the opposite team by themselves. Toss in the fact that Deadpool in character will likely get socked in the head by pretty much everyone."

Comic Vine writer, Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian, also chimed in on this week's fun battle!

"Galactus eats the court while training for his own match. Marvel wins."

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There's no teaser for next week's battle because... well, we're still working on it! Coming up with a balanced, interesting and hopefully refreshing battle every week isn't an easy task, so we'll be generating more and more ideas over the weekend to make sure there's an extra awesome one on the homepage for you next Monday.

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