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Comic Vine Battle of the Week Results: Daredevil vs. Bloodshot

Who's left standing after these two duke it out? Come see the results and key arguments made for both sides!

This week, Valiant's super-soldier took on the man without fear from Marvel. While Daredevil is undeniably more skilled and more agile, his moves just weren't enough to convince the Comic Vine crowd that he'd win this fight. Ultimately, a majority of the community -- 56% to be exact -- sided with Bloodshot. However, Daredevil's experience gave him a respectable chunk of the poll, earning 38% of the votes. Only 6% believed this was too close to call and was basically a coin flip.

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Bloodshot does indeed have some key advantages in this fight. First and foremost, his nanites grant him a superb healing factor. He's endured massive amounts of damage and kept on trucking (most recently his face was smashed into the pavement with so much force it lifted nearby cars... he was chatting moments later). Additionally, the nanites can help numb his pain and he'll absolutely need that since Daredevil has a significant edge in skill and will be landing way more hits. His nanites also offer him a huge wild card: a sonic scream and a synaptic burst. Both moves are rare and appear to be only be used in last resort scenarios, but the fact remains, the scream could give him a huge edge and the burst would spell game over for Matt immediately. Seeing as he may withstand a relentless assault here, it's fair to assume these could be used. In addition to being tough as nails, Valiant's anti-hero also has enhanced level strength. If he gets his hands on Daredevil, he holds the potential to dish out some major damage.

On the other hand, there's no denying there's a rather large gap when comparing their skill, agility and reflexes. Bloodshot's stated as having enhanced speed, but at the end of the day, the dude has done nothing with his speed or skill to even come close to what Murdock has displayed. Daredevil's a master of pressure points and nerve strikes and, when asked on Twitter, current BLOODSHOT writer, Christos Gage, said he believes nerve strikes would indeed work on Bloodshot -- but he'd recover faster than a normal human. Still, upon seeing regular strikes and blunt force won't cut it, it's absolutely plausible to believe Murdock could start dropping various nerve strikes and, in turn, slowly disabling his opponent and leaving him open to even more hits. Thanks to his batons, he could also temporarily incapacitate Bloodshot by tying him up (like he did recently against Deadpool) and there's simply no disputing Murdock has a large edge when it comes to mobility (both reflexes and agility). Murdock has casually danced around talented gunmen and has the reflexes required to even deflect projectiles with his billy clubs. This will definitely cancel out Bloodshot's use of firearms at a distance, especially since Bloodshot has never shown any accuracy feats which would put him on par with someone like Bullseye -- a phenomenal marksman Daredevil can dodge.

In the end, the majority made some good arguments in favor of Bloodshot. It does seem logical to assume Bloodshot will take quite a beating, but his endurance and brutal mentality should allow him to eventually turn the tide with one good connect -- be it a firearm in close range, resorting to his scream/burst or finally getting ahold of Murdock. It'll take awhile for him to land a game changing hit and it's absolutely fair to think Daredevil will reign supreme, but when Bloodshot finally does get a window of opportunity, you can bet he's going to make proper use of it.

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Let's check out some great arguments presented for both sides.

Viner Argument of the Week for Bloodshot is by SavageDragon

"'Pain is a weakness leaving the body.'

That slogan is often associated with the Marine Core or other armed services or even some professional sports, but in the case of Bloodshot, its a standard that he lives by.

Bloodshot's powers are as documented

Nanotech infused bloodstream that can heal at the sub-celluar level, reconnecting torn tissue and nerve fibers and heal massive organ trauma. These billions of nanites can him resistant to extremes of heat and cold and toxic environments.

Enchanced stamina, sight, hearing (ultrasonic) speed, strength and reaction time.

Ability to "morph" or shapechange for brief periods of time.

"Neuron-nanite quantum interface" allows Bloodshot to retrieve, transmit, and manipulate electromagnetic wavelengths and frequencies and directly interface with and CONTROL electronic computerized machinery

Total badass

So given these powers and Duane Swierczynski's run on the Valiant mercenary and all the brutal punishment Bloodshot has withstood and dished out I see very little that DD could do to Bloodshot that would put him down. Lets face it to, both combatants are "in character" and Bloodshot is a KILLING MACHINE both literally and figurative. He doesn't hesitate, and would not against the Man Without Fear. Considering DD's martial arts and amazing acrobatic skills I believe it would be a good fight, but after the barrage of bullets, explosives, knives and all manner of weapons are exhausted I see Bloodshot coming out on top. This soldier has literally been blown apart by drone strikes, grenades, heavy machine gun and even chainsawed and he has put most of the people who stand against him in the ground. Bloodshot's fight to lose. I say he wins it 7/10 times."

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Viner Argument of the Week for Daredevil is by Paniac

"I'll go with Dardevil. Let me explain why.

First, i won't use the fact that Dardevil has fought numerous opponents just as impressive as Bloodshot while the opposite isn't true : That would'nt be fair for the Valiant's soldier . DD appeared in thousand of issues during decades. Bloodshot did not, but that doesn't make him less dangerous.

Sure, Bloodshot is a viscious and well trained figther and carries an impressive arsenal, but better marksmen than him have tried and failed to shot DD on countless occasions. BS is no Bullseye by far. Bullets can give him a win or two at best, but no more. It's the same for his sonic scream : It's definitly a very powerful weapon against DD, but he doesn't use it frequently and, most of all, he won't know how efficient it is. Only the smartest among DD's adversaries have been able to understand that the guy in red is blind and use enhanced senses, and BS is not the smartest man in the world. This could give him at best another one or two victories IF he uses it, and even if he does, the environnement gives Matt a little chance to escape long enough to recover.

Then it comes to hand to hand, where Dardevil seriously outclasses his opponent. He will land numerous hits on the guy, then realize he is one of these pain-in-the-ass-healing-factor-dudes. Sure, he could be suprised at first and let an opening to BS for a winning punch, but overconfidence isn't really one of Murdock's weaknesses, so it's pretty unlikely.

Now, many people assume that Dardevil can't win because he can't incapacitate Bloodshot for long due to his regenerative abilities and pain tolerance, even with pressure points or, for example, by making him fall from a roof. This would be true in a deathmatch, but the battle rules say "Knockout, incapacitation or death all count as elimination.". There is no time limit, so if this happens, it doesn't matter if Bloodshot is out for only a few seconds : he lost. Period. The Cosmic Judge of the Comic Vine Battles (yes, he exists !) will show up, raise Matt's arm and give him the victory.

Of course, DD could also tie him up like a sausage... That would actually be funny !

Though fight, but Dardevil wins in most cases I think."

Viners, There's no teaser for next week's battle because it'll be an all-new BATMAN BATTLE OF THE MONTH! Get pumped.

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