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Comic Legend John Severin Dies At 90

Today we remember the life of one of comics greatest talents.

Comic books lost one of their greats earlier this week with the death of comic book legend John Severin, according to The Beat. As an artist, Severin contributed tremendously to the comic book industry having worked on books such as THE INCREDIBLE HULK, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, CAPTAIN SAVAGE and many more. Born on December 27th, 1921 Severin had an illustrious career in comic books where he contributed to comics well into the final years of his life. For Severin, comics were a great passion.

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The artist first began drawing at the age of 10, and at that very young age he began to contribute to The Hobo News, an early 20h Century newspaper that predates the present street newspapers we see today.

Severin entered into main stream comic books with his work on EC Comics, before the publisher folded back in the 1950's. Severin was one of the five artists to launch Harvey Kurtzman's MAD, one of the most influential comic book publications ever. However, Severin didn't stop there. The creator did plenty of work for Marvel comics, too. Some of his most memorable comic book work includes SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS which won awards for Best War Title two consecutive years in 1967 and 1968. The artist continued to draw well into the 2000's and you may have seen his work on books like DESPERADOES, SUICIDE SQUAD, PUNISHER and B.P.R.D. Some of his most memorable work include his illustrations on THE RAWHIDE KID in 2003, one of the very first gay western's.

Take a look at his full list of works.

John Severin was an incredibly influential figure in comics and paved the way for some of our favorite artists today. Please take a moment to remember one of comics' greatest artists by commemorating his talents and remember the influence he had on the industry as a whole.

Source: The Beat