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Comic Legend Joe Simon Dies At 98

The co-creator of Captain America and the first Marvel Comics editor leaves a legacy behind him.

One of the greatest Golden Age comic book creators, Joe Simon, died earlier today and has left a legacy at Marvel comics. During his lifetime, Simon played the part of comic book writer, artist, editor and publisher and was responsible for creating some of the most important comic book characters for Marvel Comics. Without his efforts, Marvel would not be the powerhouse it is today.

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

With the help of his partner Jack Kirby, Simon crafted some of comics' most important characters, including Captain America, one of the most popular comic book characters today. In the 1940's Simon became "Timely Comics'" very first editor. Timely would later become Marvel Comics. Simon oversaw the release of the very first Captain America comic book in December 1940 whose famous cover depicts Captain Steve Rogers punching Hitler in the jaw. The book went on to sell one million copies -- verifying that the hero would have a sure place in comics history.

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Simon isn't just responsible for contributing to Captain America's success, but he also spent some time at National Comics which would later be known as DC. Simon was responsible for creating Captain Marvel, as well, and oversaw the release of Captain Marvel Adventures in 1941. He helped launch characters like Boy Commandos, Manhunter, Sand the Golden Boy, Newsboy Legion and Manhunter. He is considered a pioneer of both horror and romance comic books.

Joe Simon's influence on the comic book industry is inspiring, and without his hard work, many of the popular characters we know and love today would not exist. His legacy is great and he will be remembered as a pioneer for this industry.

Source: Vanguard