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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Which DC Character Deserves a Feature Film?

What does the Comic Vine community want to see after the next DC movie? Aquaman? Wonder Woman? Another shot at the Green Lantern universe?

DC is finally playing catch up when it comes to establishing a shared universe on the big screen. Leaving Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy in the past (we have no idea if they'll recognize Green Lantern), the studio utilized Man of Steel to spawn a new location for all of its properties to play -- and by "play" we mean fight and such. The sequel to Man of Steel won't hit until 2015 and a movie surrounding Barry Allen is allegedly slated to come after that, but we were curious: who would you want to get a movie after Big Blue and the Dark Knight share the screen in 2015? There's dozens of characters who could be the focus of a film, but to keep things simple and practical, we limited the poll's options to individuals who could help build the hype towards a potential Justice League movie. Well, the verdict is in and Wonder Woman absolutely dominated the poll. Seriously, she earned 42% of the votes.

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Some think a Wonder Woman movie is "complicated" and difficult to create, but come on, really? Marvel's introducing a talking space Raccoon who carries around massive firearms next year. Oh, and his teammate is a giant, talking tree. So, is diving into an easy to understand mythos with Gods really too complex for people to grasp compared to something like an alien who soaks in the sun for super-powers? Or a fleet of space cops with rings powered by the user's will? Sure, they may have to make some changes here and there to the mythos (which is often expected when translating source material to films), but there's no reason to believe it's a concept that can't work.

For further proof a Wonder Woman movie can work, just check out the animated film. It's disputably one of top efforts from DC Animation and there's no reason to believe they couldn't duplicate that level of awesomeness to the big screen. Wonder Woman is DC's biggest female character and, if they're expanding the DC cinematic universe, she deserves a spot and a chance for the world to learn more about her. As for the "well, Catwoman and Elektra didn't work" argument: let's be honest, they didn't work because they're really, really bad movies. If they bring their A-game with this one and do a proper job marketing it, it shouldn't be a failure. It's that simple.

Anyway, here's the full poll results.

Hey Viners, did Wonder Woman earn your support, and if so, why do you think her movie would be all kinds of epic? Or, did another hero earn your vote? Be sure to tell us who did and why.

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