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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Iron Man 3's Twist

How'd the Comic Vine community feel about Iron Man 3's big surprise? Come check out the poll results!

This week, I made the somewhat foolish decision to base our Comic Book Question of the Week about something quite controversial: The Mandarin's role in Iron Man 3. It's without question the biggest dividing force between fans in all of Marvel Studios' films, and understandably so. Tony Stark's arch-nemesis was teased in 2008's Iron Man and since then, a fair amount of fans have been anxiously awaiting an epic showdown between the two. Sir Ben Kingsley's a superb actor, so anticipation went through the roof. Except no one got what they were expecting. Kingsley was just a ruse so the true "Mandarian," Aldrich Killian (aka the dude who killed himself in the first issue of Warren Ellis' awesome story), could execute his plan from behind the spotlight. Some loved this twist and thought it was refreshing and brilliant. Others wanted to flip a table because it essentially destroyed who the character is and they were denied Iron Man's classic foe on the big screen. Over 360 Viners voted and the results are in. Did our community love or loathe it? Find out below.

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Well, it turns out 43% of Viners disliked Iron Man 3's big surprise! 38% enjoyed it, and 19% simply didn't care. Look, it's clear this is a subject that'll generate debates which will likely either take a downward spiral or conclude with agreeing to disagree. At the end of the day, big changes to continuity is a subject we're never going to see eye-to-eye on. What's important is how we discuss said changes. It's far too often I see people trying to convince someone it is crap or it is brilliant. It's subjective, folks. Liking it doesn't mean the other person "doesn't get it." Hating it doesn't mean the person "doesn't know jack about comics." We're all passionate about these characters and we should let that shared love unite us, not divide us. I know calling for a civil discussion on the interwebs is all kinds of crazy, but let's shoot for the stars, alright?

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